Ambush Bug Chronology: Post-New 52

What do we want? Ambush Bug! Who do we hope to see more of? Ambush Bug! How likely is it? …-grumbles Once in a blue moon. Fellow Ambush Bug fans, by creating this chronological timeline, maybe we can cast a magic spell of zaniness and summon more of the Bug!

Or, more likely, just have fun. To the best of my knowledge, here is the total Ambush Bug post-New 52 chronology, not counting any stray Channel 52 house advertisements. Please feel free to add release dates and image links in the comments.

Teen Titans Go! #57 (digital)/Teen Titans Go! #29 (physical): One-panel cameo, no dialogue.
Titans Special #1: Background appearance on a computer monitor.
The Man Of Steel #2: Two-panel cameo in an alien bar. Alien dialogue.
Action Comics #1003: Face seen on an arcade game.
Supergirl (2016) #24: Cover appearance, brief cameos in the first three pages. Minor dialogue.
Harley Quinn’s Villain Of The Year #1: Listed on the DC wikia as a background cameo. I couldn’t find it. I did see Killer Moth, who is also listed.
Dark Nights: Death Metal #4: Brief appearance in the prologue, single line of dialogue.
Let Them Live! Unpublished Tales From The DC Vault #1-6: “Host” of the comic, speaking portions in pre/post lost tale segments.
DC Love Is A Battlefield: Background appearance on a computer monitor, no dialogue.
Superman (2018) #30: Stars in a “Tales From Metropolis” backup serial.
Superman (2018) #31: Two background appearances in the "Tales From Metropolis backup serial, no dialogue.
Superman (2018) #32: Background appearance in the “Tales From Metropolis” backup serial, no dialogue.
Suicide Squad: King Shark #1 (digital)/Suicide Squad: King Shark #1 (physical): Two background appearances in prison.
FCBD Suicide Squad Special Edition: Reprint of Suicide Squad: King Shark #1.
Suicide Squad: King Shark #12 (digital): One-page background appearance in prison, possible future descendant as part of the Legion Of Super-Animals. No dialogue.
Suicide Squad (2021) #7-9: Guest appearance/supporting role. Cover appearance in #7.
Superman Red & Blue #3: Listed on the DC wikia as having a cameo, I couldn’t find it.

Suicide Squad (2021) #10-15: Supporting role; first arc, then ties in with “War For Earth-3” crossover.
Suicide Squad (2018) Annual #1: Last page appearance setting up #7 guest role. One line of dialogue.
Justice League (2018) #71: Brief appearance on a splash page, no dialogue.
War For Earth-3 #1-2: Supporting role, part of the “War For Earth-3” crossover.

Strange Love Adventures #1: Variant cover.
Harley Quinn (2021) #29: Costume worn by a hyena in back-up story.

Fire And Ice: Welcome To Smallville #2: Solicited appearance.


I gotcha:



Thank you! I know I definitely missed two but they’ll be very difficult to find. One consists of a framed picture in the back of a Harley Quinn comic and the other is in the opening recap of a Superman comic. You can see Ambush Bug’s name written down on a notepad in one of Brian Michael Bendis’ issues.