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Interesting – I wonder if she ever teamed up with any of the Clayfaces…


Tragically not. She was one of those villains who popped up in a team up book during the tail end of Pre crisis and was never heard from ever again. I suspect part of the problem is that shes established to have been a childhood friend of Dianas before leaving the island, which some writers might struggle with.

The sheer potential with Christina Cade though…


Name: Angle Man
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #62 (1953)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Criminal mastermind with a vast criminal network at his disposal. Master thief. Possess ‘the Angler’ which allows him to bend time and space to his will.

Backstory: Wonder Womans most frequent of nemesis in the silver age and seemingly favorite Wonder villain of Robert Kanigher.

Angle man was a criminal kingpin who held sway over a vast sum of the criminal underworlds organized crime and was well known for being ‘the man who knew every angle’ A criminal mastermind infamous for creating master plans for his crimes and looking at every possible variable and creating contingency plans for any eventuality.

When Wonder Woman began involving herself in stopping bank robberies and foiling criminal endeavors which his lackeys committed as he ordered, Angleman began by first formulating work arounds to try and continue operating despite Wonder Womans efforts.

Things such as always using a middle man not directly tied to his organization to hand out orders so the magic lasso could not be used to discover him or his plans.
Coordinating three or more robberies at the same time so that Wonder Woman would be unable to stop all of them, ensuring there was a profit to be made.
Outfitting gangsters working for him with thematic weapons in order to give them a chance against Wonder Woman.

However even with these efforts, Wonder Woman was still dealing terrible blows to Angle Mans criminal fortunes and taking down hundreds of his criminal henchmen. Thus he began plotting various ways of defeating Wonder Woman once and for all.

He tried uncovering her secret identity. Taking advantage of her weaknesses. Attempted to claim/destroy/disable her resources such as the magic lasso and the invisible plane. Hired superpowered criminals both to try ending Wonder Womans life, and tarnishing her reputation with mesmerism. He has commisioned robot Wonder Women. Paid for deadly weapons and experimental technologies all bent towards the singular purpose of ending Wonder Womans life. He even attempted to aid Steve Trevor in marrying Wonder Woman in the hopes that Diana would immediately choose to retire.

Every plan would fail time and time again and as the years passed, Angle Man went from young and babyfaced to greying and wrinkled in his efforts. Caught and arrested time and time again, seemingly going in and out of prison like it was a revolving door.

Things would finally come to an end when years of effort trying to take on Wonder Woman led to his criminal empire falling apart. All of his minions behind bars. His vast wealth evaporated. His reputation among criminals reduced to a joke.

At his lowest point, Angle Man would be gifted ‘The Angler’ an all powerful artifact which allows its wielder to bend time and space to ones will. Along with an invitation to join the Secret Society of Supervillains.

Taking the offer, Angle Man would go from suit wearing kingpin to costumed supervillain. Working for Funky Flashman (who I know nothing about so ill just assume hes a less talked about member of the Flash family) Angle Man would aid them in their villainy while on the side, attempting to get his revenge on Wonder Woman for destroying his criminal enterprise.

However even with the Angler being further empowered by Ares, allowing Angle man to travel the multiverse, time travel, create pocket dimensions, bend reality to his will, freely teleport himself and any items he wishes wherever he wanted… Angle Man utterly failed at every turn to defeat Wonder Woman. This iteration of Angle Man doomed to never succeed in his goals.

In the post crisis era, Angle Man would make a return as ‘Angelo Bend’ a suave debonair man of class and intrigue who operated purely as a thief for hire with no greater criminal ambitions than to make some money and steal a few hearts along the way. His version of the Angler being no less powerful than it had been previously, how he obtained it would remain a mystery.


angleman 4


I liked him best back when he was just a guy who always “had an angle.” When he literally “had an angle” that he carried around he was still fun but I missed the good ole’ days. That being said, post-crisis Angle Man is pretty cool.

I am looking forward to reading his older stuff when it becomes available on DCUI.

My favorite Angle Man moment:


The wildest thing about post crisis Angle man is hes totally the sort of guy silver age Angle man would have hired for a job.


The latest issue of Trial of the Amazons is out today, Wonder Squad! Discussion happening over here: :muscle: :wondersquadron1:


Name: Nifty
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #20 (1946)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: College education, aviation expert, professional pirate, possession of an invulnerable and unstoppable astral beast that can breath fire and freely carry people across time.

Backstory: Sky pirate! Time traveler! Holliday girl! Nifty was a woman who wore many hats and lived a life of action, adventure, and villainy.

Enrolled in Holliday College by day and a seemingly ordinary member of the Beeta Lamba sority who aid Wonder Woman in her adventures of daring and punching of injustice, Nifty lived a secret double life in a far more villainous role.

For in truth, Nifty led a band of sky pirates! Armed with silent glider planes which can self start on command and take off, fly, and land without ever making a sound to betray their pressence, her and her crew would raid laboratories and military facilities by dropping payloads of sleep gas on the target, pillaging whatever they wish, and then flying away with their ill gotten booty!

Cloistered away in their secret headquarters which was beneath an artificial mountain on a deserted ocean in the middle of the barren ocean which was managed by her husband who puttered around the place while his wife went off on cool adventures, Nifty seemingly couldn’t get any cooler.

And yet! She had in her possession an astral beast. A behemoth that would Stand behind her, invisible to all but those who could peer into the astral plane and the truth under the veil of the world.

This impossible monster obeyed Niftys unconscious will and had numerous abilities beyond simply materializing onto the material plane and being an entity that was entirely invulnerable to anything not of the astral plane.

This astral beast had astral might against which even Wonder Woman could not Stand. Abilities such as the power to breath fire and the means of traveling with others across time and space!

With all of these factors in Niftys favor, there was little that could stand in her way.


Just gonna lay this down, as its great to listen to while reading Wonder Woman #786 (and anything else WW-related, really).


Name: King Brutall
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #30 1948
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Giant in size and physical form. Radium elemental whose presence is poisonous to all other life and can concentrate blasts of pure radiation from his body. Leads an entire population of radium giants.

Backstory: Deep underground beneath the lush wonderous land of Paradise Island well known for its peaceful population and lush life exists a terrible force whose very existence is pure poison to all the world.

King Brutall is ruler of the radium giants. A race of giant radium elementals who are toxic to all life and will bring an end to all life with the radiation naturally emitting from their bodies.

Seeking to escape to the realm above through their only means of escape which happens to be paradise island, only one force stands in the way of King Brutall and the Radium Giants from carrying out their efforts to claim the surface world and end all life.

The Limestone Girls which are all winged women who were carved to life instead of molded, were charged with guarding the world from that which would escape that which is sealed away below the surface of Paradise Island. Working to ensure that the giants have no means of escape.

However King Brutall realizing that his jailers themselves are the only ones capable of leaving from the underground prison to the surface world, would seek out and terrorize the Limestone Girls in an attempt to escape. Promising to doom the world should the Limestone Girls ever fail in their efforts…


A neat fact about Dooms Doorway which was created by Perez is that Perez got the idea by adapting takes by multiple writers over the years.

Aside from the radium giants above, Kanigher in one of the issues of his silver age run established there was a prison for monsters sealed away beneath the island.
And Mishkin would follow up on that in his run with a gateway to the underworld being beneath the island which sealed away the monsters within from escaping to terrorize the world


Name: Gadget-Maker
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #103 (1958)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Mad scientist capable of seemingly anything.

Backstory: Mad scientist of shocking skill and intelligence. The Gadget-Maker is a genius whose scientific skill and abilities are hard to rival. An inventor who creates out of whimsy, most of his creations look entirely harmless. More like toys and household items than tools of utter doom.

Rumored to be the creator of many a villains thematic gadgets and tools, Gadget-Maker has invented a plethora of things from time machines to size changing robots to traveling boxes.

On a whim deciding to try and kill Wonder Woman for no reason than to be able to say he did, Gadget-Maker would create a trio of finger sized figurines which were in truth robots in disguise that would grow to the size of kaijus

With little outside the realm of his scientific abilities, Gadget-Maker was a whimsical force of villainy who was evil for fun


Name: Vulture King
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #7 1944
Creators: William Moulton Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Physicist, leads an army of mind controlled vulture henchmen which he controls. Has a backpack sized nuclear fission jetpack which allows him to fly faster than a plane on a pair of artifical wings, and mechanical talons strong enough to life an elephant.

Backstory: His true name lost to the world. The Vulture King was a man defined and judged by his appearance, receiving ridicule and disregard. Wishing to have his revenge on those who mistreated him, the Vulture King swore to have his revenge!

Becoming a scientific genius, Vulture King would invent a jet engine that operated on nuclear fission and did so without creating a sound. Further, he did so at a small enough size that someone could wear it.

Then doing the logical thing, he fashioned a vulture costume with wings to control the flight of his creation, and mechanical talons that allows the wearer to lift incredible weights or crush whatever was caught.

Then mass producing this, he would begin kidnapping people and installing mind control devices into their brains. Commanding them by his voice. Creating an army of slaves who would aid him in his ultimate goal…World domination!

He would do this by kidnapping the heads of states, installing his mind control apparatus into their brains, intending to rule the world!

vulture king



With H.G. Peter all men are either square-jawed hunks or hideously deformed freaks. There is no middle ground.


“Praise our vulture master!” is my new favorite exclamation. :rofl:


Courtesy of the lovely @DC89, some Wonder Woman 3 news!

:tada: :wondersquadron1:


Thats what happens when you get a political cartoonist to shift over to comic books. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really looking forward to discussing this in more detail when the news is offically announced


Name: Professor Buggo
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #55 (1946)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G. Peter
Abilities: Brilliant scientific mind, flight, The respect and deference of his Bughuman people.

Backstory: Foremost scientific mind amongst the population of the Bughumans. Professor Buggo was well regarded by his entire species who would not hesitate to follow his commands for there was little doubt that Professor Buggos sole motivation was to build a better tommorow for Bughuman kind!

The Bughumans themselves were a parasitic multi-cellular microsorganism which had evolved characteristics which are a most unusual blending of human and insect. Viewing all other life as lesser and to either be subjugated or consumed, they were a dangerous force and stymied only by the simple fact that their smaller size limited what they were capable of.

Enter Gerta Von Gunther! The daughter of Baroness Paula Von Gunther, Gerta having been rescued from the nazis holding her hostage as a toddler, had lived amongst the Amazons mastering Amazonian super strength, and grew up in America with her mother who became a professor at Holliday College.

Gerta reaching young adulthood, came down with that most troubling of maladies for the genius prone ‘FOR SCIENCE!’ syndrome in which one does things not for good or for evil, but purely for the sake of scientific inquiry. A desire to learn regardless of the consequences which may follow.

Upon discovering the Bughumans, Gerta invented a size changing device to enlarge them to human size so she could enlarge a specimen, study it, then return it to normal size. Recording her results and repeating this process on multiple specimens.

The Bughumans were in a panic as this was occuring, but Professor Buggo studying this process came to a conclusion that this could work in their favor and allow their microscopic civilization to prosper to impossible heights!

Thus deducing the process by which Gerta selected test subjects, Professor Buggo organized a plan for the ones enlarged to overpower Gerta and enlarge several more. Then take the device used to enlarge them into the skies, enlarging their entire civilization to exist within Earths skies!

The Bughumans would succeed in their efforts and with Professor Buggo leading them, they would see the Earth as their feeding ground. Safe in the knowledge that there were no predators which could impede their efforts. Confident that any species other than their own was easy pickings for the giant microorganisms and their fully established civilization.

Professor Buggo would lead his people to greatness!


@Razzzcat and @nuuninuunani I never realized until you started doing this how varied and strange Wonder Woman’s rouge gallery use to be. It is a bit more generic and repetitive nowadays.


Yeah, People know a couple of the more regularly used ones, but unless ones done a read of those stories, you never quite realize just how wild things used to be.

Part of it is because people saw Perez’s excellent run and assumed that EVERY RUN should use mythological villains.
Part of it is because DC simply took a more grounded and serious stance after post crisis and limited what was allowed.
And a significent part of it is because many of the Wonder Woman villains people DO know about today are dramatically more grounded than they used to be and lack alot of the crazier elements they used to possess.

Did you know that Ares used to rule the planet Mars? Anyone who died in a war be it soldier or civilian would become his slaves in the afterlife, and he would have his followers drag their eternal souls to the planet Mars to become his soldiers of war. Restoring them to life to further the cause of war across the universe, increasing his strength further.

Did you know Doctor Psychos powers used to work completely differently? Back in pre crisis, he wasn’t simply a psychic. He had the power to steal the psychic powers of other people and could use it to secrete ectoplasm which allowed him to reshape reality. Creating anything he could imagine from weapons and traps to giving himself a hunky invulnerable tall form. Powers which he received from his patron god, the Duke of Deception.

Did you know that Circe used to rule an entire planet called Sorca which she reshaped to her own whim and would transmorgify traveling spacemen?
Or that Giganta was originally a hyper evolved gorilla mom who was stronger than Wonder Woman?

There is alot of missed opportunity