AMA(Almost) with “Arrow” and “DC Daily” star, Echo Kellum!


Hey everyone!

“Arrow” and “DC Daily” star, Echo Kellum will be dropping by and we want to know what questions YOU would like to ask him!

Drop your questions below to possibly be featured in an upcoming News article.


With Arrow ending and Felicity off taking care of the baby, the Canaries are going to need an Overwatch type character. Is that a role you (and your character) would like to do?

If you had your pick of CWVERSE shows to land into. Which would it be?

It’s often said that Mister Terrific is “the world’s third smartest man.” Who else is in the top 5?

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Howdily doodily, Mr. Kellum!

A. I loved your General Zod costume from DC Daily.

B. Between JSA and The Terrifics, what’s your favorite team-based book that stars Mister Terrific?

C. Mister Terrific has appeared in assorted animated TV shows such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Justice League Action. Do you have a favorite animated take on your live action TV namesake (my vote goes to Hannibal Buress’ iteration from Justice League Action).

D. Would you like to see your version of Mister Terrific get an action figure? If so, what’s your preferred company to produce it?

Thanks for your time in the CW Verse, on DC Daily and for interacting with the DCU Community. You’re swell (and terrific, natch :wink:), man! :metal:

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First off, I would be remiss if I didn’t start off with a GIGANTIC thank you. Not only for this unexpected AM(a)A, but also for being such a terrific… er, I mean amazing part of the greatest superhero shared universe.

As for questions: How familiar were you with Mr. Terrific before taking on the role? What did you read to be better prepared? And finally, which of those things was your favorite?

What role would you have like to seen Mr. Terrific play in COIE if you were still on Arrow?

Am I too late? How do you feel about the representation of LGBTQ characters that are represented in the arrowverse? Mr. Terrific and captain cold and a police chief from the flash are the only three Male characters that are bi or gay but honestly I’ve lost count of the females who have at least kissed each other lol. I don’t mean to get into politics- I do kinda feel like the CW has gone lopsided with their representation though… which I mean to me it’s whatever but with batwoman now in addition what we already had with caity lotz and supergirl cast members…

I saw that you were a voice actor in Elena of Avalor. What is it like voice acting for a children’s show versus live action in a more adult show. Did it feel similar or completely different?

Also about Mr. Terrific. If you could do one episode centered ONLY around Curtis (like a sort of backdoor pilot) What would your story be?