am I the only one that's still really pissed that Henry Caville isn't superman anymore?

I feel like with WB making so many errors they would kind of not wanna screw up the things they got right. I personally feel like Henry Caville was the greatest casting decision they could possibly make. WB seems to be disappointing at every turn. They seem to have a very short attention span and they really don’t have what it takes for a long hall. Hence the independent stories over a shared universe. The WB used to be great but they really have fallen from grace.

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I don’t believe it’s been officially announced that he’s out, but if true I would be disappointed with the fact.


Eh , the WB movies in general are ok. But nothing special.

They want literally every movie to be The Avengers. It doesn’t matter that Avengers was a combined effort of years of build-up and storytelling. Superman , batman , flash . they ALL need that Avengers money.

Henry Cavill was interesting as Superman. But he was a little too sullen and downcast. Supes isn’t a barrel of laughs or anything but he’s a guy who’s sure of himself and his place in the world. Snyder is a good director , i just think it was a huge mistake to let him control everything.

I’m pretty sure he still superman but if he isn’t then yeah that would be disappointing

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@Doctordanger Cavill’s moodiness as Supes was just because of Snyder’s direction. In The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Cavill shows a more confident, playful side. It would have been nice if he could have been allowed to infuse more of that charm into his Superman performance. His Justice League portrayal of Superman starts to lighten up, but unfortunately many people overlooked it because of other issues.

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Funny story. I didn’t like HC as Superman when I first saw him. I don’t know what it was, just something different. Then I ran across a YT video of him (sort of) undercover buying comic books from a comic book store because, well, he liked comic books. My opinion of him did a complete 180 degree swing. And I don’t think there’s been anything official announced, so for me, there’s still hope (yeah, like the symbol on his chest). Knew I was gonna get there, didn’t you? :wink:


HC probably wants to do other film/TV roles and not run the risk of getting type cast as “the guy who plays Superman”, aka “The Spock Syndrome”.

Also, given some of the negative reaction to the Snyder trilogy, he might want to distance himself from that as well.

Actors want to work and make money. Do you expect him to wait around, keeping his schedule free on the chance that DC might use Superman again. Professional acting is exactly that, a profession. A way to earn a living. That means working on other projects and hoping you don’t get type cast.

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There’s no E in Cavill

While Henry isn’t to me the best or most perfect choice, I will admit he’s damn good…and yes…very disappointed that hes been given such crap material to work with.He has such much potential as Superman, but just squandered by VERY bland and mediocre movies

No, you’re not alone. Cavill was great, finally an interesting Superman based on his portrayal in comics printed past 1965. Hes the best Superman we’ve ever had, imo.

However, nothing could be more disappointing than a new Superman movie with Cavill returning, but Supes is portrayed like he was in Justice League. Totally unrelatable, cheesy, flying caricature of a superhero.