All the Crazy Things We Noticed in the Peacemaker Premiere (Spoilers!)

The first three episodes of Peacemaker have arrived on HBO Max, and I have so many thoughts and questions…like did Peacemaker’s dad actually have to walk Eagly? How many times does Peacemaker call John Economos “dyebeard”? And which member of the team had the filthiest mouth?

Now that we’ve all had a chance to absorb DC’s outrageous new TV series, it made sense to break things down a bit and see if we can find some answers to those questions and others. (Though, also, I just wanted to talk about that insane title sequence, which may be the greatest thing in the history of DC.) Here’s some of what went down in the Peacemaker premiere, along with what it all might mean.


The Peacemaker premiere dropped 220 f-bombs in the name of peace! The first episode had 65 f-bombs, the second had 85, and the third had 70. In fact, we’d already gotten ten of them before the theme song started playing in the first episode! Sometimes the road to peace requires harsh language.

To see what other crazy things we noticed in Episodes #1 - #3 in Peacemaker, head over to DC Comics!

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Literally laughed out loud multiple times through the first three episodes. This show is funny, creepy, violent and funny! Like everything James Gunn does the music is awesome and is more than just a soundtrack - it’s a part of the show. The language, violence and nudity are off the charts for a superhero show so this is NOT for kids in any way, shape or form.

I’ve loved it so far and am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. Vigilante’s dance and awkward explanation behind the restaurant was a highlight for me so far and Robert Patrick plays his character so well…maybe a bit too well!

I REALLY hope HBO Max gives James Gunn the greenlight for another season or two of this as he has said he has wanted and if THIS is the kind of spinoff show we can expect from DC after the movies hit theaters (not necessarily the type of show but more the quality of show and the absolute no holds barred approach to every aspect of it) then I am so ready for whatever The Batman and Black Adam have to offer us.

Oh…and Bat-Mite is real in this universe! LOVE IT!


First off- the intro… is the best thing I’ve ever seen. :clap: :triumph:

The hints of Peacemakers back story in TSS still didn’t prepare me for how his Father would be (sheeesh~) Peacemaker could’ve turned out way worse in a sense.

I’m sure Peacemakers Dad would be even more disappointed if he knew how much hesitation he had when confronting Flag for the drive or that his lips quivered when trying to think of a reason to justify his actions to Rat Catcher 2. Cena’s subtlety in TSS should not be overlooked ! Glad he’s got this opportunity to show more of those dramatic + comedic acting chops.

Looking back, while Peacemaker went villain mode in the final act of TSS that was kinda the birth/evolution of Peacemaker we’re seeing more of in the show.

Liking the cast and their characters while not good people are entertaining and unique to watch.

Vigilante omg Vigilante :joy: 10/10

Can’t wait for more :eagle:


Did he? Or was he simply remaining true to the mission? He’s a blunt instrument and if there’s anyone Waller can trust to fulfill the mission - no matter what - it’s Peacemaker. Now, with him hesitating to kill children that are obviously aliens and despite specific orders to kill them as part of the mission, I am curious where we’re going with this and why/how he’s changed so dramatically in just six months.

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Right I guess villain mode isn’t the right term rather he revealed himself for who he is. The hesitation in TSS 3rd act is just the beginning of his transformation.

If I can put on my arm-chair psychiatrist hat for a second I wonder if it also has something to do with visiting his Dad at the start of the show.

It’s been four years since he’s seen him + TSS happened pretty recent. Seeing how uncaring his Dad is over him almost dying and re-experiencing the disconnect from some of his Dads values might’ve added to his wary sense of what is right, wrong, justified and his own moral compass of being a hard-a$$ willing to do anything for whatever the cost of peace.

Edit: Then again his moral compass is just another product of his environment being made into a killer by his Father.

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His dad raised him to be a killing machine but somehow he didn’t get the racism (thank goodness) and seems to have a heart. Hearing the music he loved from his childhood also has to play a role here - he reconnected with the boy he used to be while he sang/rocked out with The Quireboys. Before he fled the scene he made sure he took all the music from his childhood with him and the first thing he did when he got home was put on that music. The music in this plays a big role in not only the show but I think also the character.

Three episodes in and SO MUCH to dig into already. Love it.

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so I kind of got alien ish vibes from the butterfly thing, its unlikely but could this tie into the upcoming blue beetle, since its aliens and wasn’t peacemaker involved with some government project with the reach that ended up with him sort of helping Jaime, in Jaime’s blue beetle comics

Episode 4…fantastic.

Took a show that was a ton of fun and gave it a heart. Or maybe its kidney just moved up and became the heart. Whatever the case, this episode took this series and this season to the next level!

The reveals, the music, the fights, the deep cut references from the DC Universe and did I mention the reveals!?!

James Gunn is knocking it out of the park with this show! THIS is what DC needs more of. Between this and Doom Patrol they’ve proven you don’t need established characters that everyone is familiar with and loves. Tell a good story and it doesn’t matter who the main character is, it’ll work. This show is working. Oh, man is it working!


I missed them all. Of course I did not watch.

Is it possible that the Butterflies in Peacemaker have something to do with the Butterflies we saw in Doom Patrol? That would make a Great Crossover if Peacemaker could Meet The Doom Patrol!


With Peacemaker’s love for singing, are they going to have him singing his own version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, “Daddy, I just killed a man!”

I love the deep cuts Gunn keeps throwing in!

ok so TK was arm fall off boy inspired, and matter eater lad, could James Gunn be trying to get a Legion of Superheroes something because I would love a legion of superheroes something