I’m trying to start/catch up with the Rebirth/Universe timeline and I’m unsure of an “order”.
Clearly I’m starting with the Rebirth recap issues, then onto Superman, but what after that?
Or am I mistakenly thinking Superman comes next?

thank you


Read the first 4,5 issues of any given book and go with what ya like. Your cup of tea might be coffee to me. There were alot of good books when rebirth kicked off.

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Start with the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot first. Then go wherever you want after. Easy peasy.

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For the rebirth storyline, its Rebirth, the first few arcs of Titans, then The Button, JLA into the Microverse and then Doomsday Clock.

The rest, just pick a character you like. Nothing really ties to the Watchmen stuff besides those.

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