Adventure Comics bronze age

First, thank you for including these Dollar Comics classics - issues 460 to 466. Almost the entire set of AC dollar issues are there - only 459 is missing. But, secondly, any idea why these issues are in black and white? I hope this gets rectified in the future. I would also like to see more of the classic Adventure Comics issues - especially the Aquaman, Black Orchid, the Spectre and the Dial H For Hero runs in that title. Thank you.

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Want to add I would love the Dial H For Hero run, and the rest of the Superboy issues they were a backup in.

Also I didn’t realize the dollar comics were only available in black and white. That is disappointing, were those the only copies they had in the DC archive? Because those books are not that hard to find?

Heya, thanks for the heads up! We’ll see about getting the color versions up and running here, as they are available in color digitally. If you see any other of this sort, please let us know in this topic, as all mods track this to report to the team:

Please allow a few weeks for redeliveries. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention :blush: