Action Comics: The Black Ring aka when Lex Luthor took over Superman's flagship title.

In the Comics section right now is one of the best Superman stories of the past decade, The Black Ring. Running from Action #'s 890-900 (and a small story in Action Comics Annual #11, which doesn’t appear to be available digitally, outside of the Black Ring trades), this is the story that saw Lex Luthor take over his hated enemy’s top title for a while (Superman was still off planet, embroiled in the events of the New Krypton crossover at this time).

The story takes place after Blackest Night and, spoilers aside, Lex now wants, no needs an Orange Lantern ring and he will do anything for a taste of that power.

The fun thing about Action in this period is that it was essentially a Lex Luthor team-up book. Go to the Comics section and gaze at the covers of the above mentioned issues to get a smidge of a taste of who Lex either teamed up with or fought against in his zealous quest for Orange Lantern power. This storyline is also notable for bringing the character Death of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman epic into the DC Universe.

Written by the wonderful Paul Cornell (pre-New 52 Batman and Robin, Demon Knights, Knight and Squire, New 52 Stormwatch and more), illustrated by the great Pete Woods (Amazons Attack (which just arrived in the Comics section this week!), Justice League of America’s Vibe, the New 52 Legion Lost series and many more) and wrapped up in bold covers by David Finch (among many great titles he’s been involved with, he’s the cover and interior artist for Forever Evil, the first linewide New 52 event, which debuted on DCU last week; check it out, it’s a beaut!), the Black Ring arc of Action Comics is a winner in every way.

Have you read this story? What’d you think of it and do you have any favorite moments from it? If you haven’t read The Black Ring yet, then to quote the narrator in the opening of The Nightmare Before Christmas: “I’d say it’s time you begun.”

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Bump. It’s a good story folks =)

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Death was in Legion of Super Heroes #38, when the Earth was destroyed, way back in the '90’s.