Action Comics 1004

Okay, can someone explain what happened here? Lois and Clark are married may have decided to live apart? I don’t get it.

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They are taking a break ? I guess. That how i read it. Completely unnecessary. All the couples are falling apart.

Right, but it’s like they’re taking a break for no reason. All she really says is she needs to write…but, I mean, they could just build her a she-shed or something. And why didn’t she call him when she got back? I found the motivations here just really hard to fathom.

I would imagine there is more to it than what we’re seeing right now.

I read it as being together but apart

I agree with the together but apart, but why? She can’t just go into her office to write? She was writing before she left! And why stay hidden from Superman?

I’m sure there’s more to the story and I actually enjoyed the issue, just can’t make sense of the motivation. Especially without Superman questioning her more on it.

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Oh it’s a stupid explanation but I think together but apart was what he was trying to say

To be honest Lois’s reason is a really flimsy one and the fact that she just left her son Jon with Jor-El on top of that is also extremely odd when she was the one that was insistent that either her or Clark go off with them both. The whole issue was actually very off-putting to me and it was the first Bendis Action issue that I thought was heading into bad Bendis territory. Now the book is on the fence with me and I may drop it.


I’m willing to wait to see what happens, especially since “Oh, Lex just showed up,” is obvious bulldoo. I just hope there’s a reason given at some point as to why Supes just seems to be going along with this.

I’m not sure why Bendis has sidelined Lois and Jon so far, but he has said that there is absolutely no way that they are breaking up.

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Lois was weird. I’m not convinced it’s her. Surely, she would’ve called Clark to let him know she was back. Also, I don’t understand her leaving Jon. It’s all very fishy.
If she were an imposter, Superman would’ve known. Right?
Also, What’s up with the PDA? Pedestrians were taking cell phone pics!


I don’t think their marriage is on a break. I think Lois just needs the space to write the book. I think they’re very much in love and still have a healthy relationship, but especially when writing books, authors sometimes stay away from society a bit so that they can focus on their work.

Jflow, I hear you, but then why not just tell him that when she got back? Why hide?

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It’s Bendis. He’s not the right person to write Superman, or any other DC characters for that matter. Hopefully, he won’t be on the Superman books much longer so we all can start enjoying them again.