Acquired My Wife

I have aquired my wife. I can not handle how pretty the drowned is and I’m obessed with her. I’m not usually one for purchasing individual comics and I prefer to just read digitally and get the omnibus later if I liked it enough but the heart wants what the heart wants and it wanted my wife.

I also have the Diamond Select statute for her. I may eventually get the DC Collectibles one as well if I can get a good price cause I can’t justify that statue at that price for what it is. The pose isn’t dynamic and the paint job is also like meh. I’m willing to spend more money on statues if they are worth it and my Reaper statue from Overwatch is proof of that.

I just really really love The Drowned alright. I’m for sure going to pre-order the McFarlane action figure once that’s up but The Drowned is just so beautiful and I’m obessed so hey my first fourm topic post is going to be me simping over The Drowned and that’s alright. I’ve accepted how gay I am for her. As a horror fiend she’s just so appealing in every way, alright. I want all the Batman but make it horror I can get.


That’s a cool cover and a great character design.


this is awesome, you are awesome! :laughing: i hope you find more collectibles for her! keep us updated! :grin:


Your passion for The Drowned is awesome, @MissCin101. :+1:t2:

I’m glad that McFarlane is concluding the Dark Knight “team” with her, as she’s a favorite of mine. Devastator, Murder Machine and The Drowned are my top 3 of the group.