A Tribute To Mike Parobeck

Artist. When we look at the arts from the past, and see the artist’s artstyle, we sometime know what their art work look like. Take Jack Kirby for example, when you see a picture in a comic panel and see this…

With this look of Darkseid, on his face to his muscles, you can easily tell Jack Kirby made this. Of course Kirby would be known as one of the greatest comic book artists in comic book history.
A few months ago, here on DC Universe Infinite, DC released and added Justice Society Of America to their Library, being a fan of Stargirl and Justice Society, thought I’d check the book out.
When I first saw this panel…

Looking at the picture of the people in this scene, I said to myself, ‘That look like Mike Parobeck’s artwork.’ Sure enough I was right.
How did I know? By looking at the face, chin, eyes and the art look, I recognize it. Here the example from The Batman Adventures #15

You can see the one guy with a strong chin and the other guy with round face.
It’s a great example of his artstyle.

This thread is a tribute to Mike Parobeck, in his short live, he made so many great comics, and had a interesting life.
I was doing a research for this topic, and learn some things about him, like his art teacher wasn’t impressed with his drawing and artwork.
Before he ever worked for DC Comics, he did art for advertising ads, he later actually hated it cause he felt he was lying to the people while he never try the product he was advertising.
Then later he got a job at DC Comic, thanks to Brian Augustyn.
Augustyn gave Parobeck a job to work on few pages of Secret Origin of Dr. Light

Secret Origins (1986) #37

By 1989 Parobeck has worked on a few comics like the Flash, then he started working on El Diablo comic with Gerard Jones.

When Parobeck started to work on the comic, he went to San Antonio Texas to get inspiration for the comic.
The series lasted for 16 month, by the time it was canceled, Parobeck wasn’t happy by the news.
At the time Parobeck wasn’t happy with DC comics, and they weren’t to happy with his artstyle, thinking his art look a bit too cartoonish.

By 1991, Parobeck has worked on a couple of issues of Justice Society Of America (1991)

Justice Society Of America (1991) #3

Because of his work on a Justice Society, this would lead to the new JSA comic series a year later with Parobeck as part of the comic series team…

Justice Society Of America Series (1992)
The series lasted for 10 issues with Parobeck as a artist for all ten books.
Soon after the series ended, his career was about to take off, thanks to a hit Animated Series, Batman.
When The Batman Adventures first started, it was originally meant to be a 6 part mini-series, then it was decided to be a ongoing series.
After 6 issues of the series, Scott Peterson who was the editor hired Parobeck for the job.
The Batman Adventures issue 7 was his first book in the series…

The Batman Adventures #7

Parobeck’s artwork for the series would be a hit, and has made over 20 books of The Batman Adventures and 1 movie adaptation comic, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm…

Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm
During his time on The Batman Adventures, he has worked on other comic as well, like he was a guest artist for Superboy…

Superboy (1993) #4
In this comic Superboy and his friends are watching, Superboy The Animated Series.
Parobeck was the artist for the animation part.

When ask, which issue of The Batman Adventures was his favorite, Parobeck said issue 14 was his favorite…

The Batman Adventures #14
Reason was because Robin was his favorite character and he enjoy drawing him.

By 1995, Parobeck was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
In his final year he worked on few other comic after The Batman Adventures ended, he worked on Impulse Annual…

Impulse Annual (1996) #1
Not sure what was his final comic was, I’m going to guess it was Batman & Robin Adventures Annual 1, where he draw for act 2…

This could very well be a last picture panel he drew…

Parobeck died on July 2nd at Key West, Florida, age of 30, just 5 days before his 31st birthday. His friends, family and fans were shock and sad to hear of his passing.

In Batman & Robin Adventures Annual #1, editor Scott Peterson wrote a nice tribute to Parobeck.

As years has gone by, old comics become fragile and some past artists and writers are soon forgotten.
In September of 2018, DC Comics launch DC Universe for the first time where fans can watch video, interact with other fans on community board, shop at DC store and most importantly, read comics, by January 21st 2021, there has been alot more comics then ever before, and I’m so thankful that us fans can now read comic from the past, where past & present artists and writers will never be forgotten and their work will live on forever.

Mike Parobeck
July 7th, 1965-July 2nd 1996

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:slightly_smiling_face: Here’s a question for you guys…

  1. Which Comic Book of Mike Parobeck is your favorite?

Feel free to comment anything about Parobeck and his amazing artwork. I really had fun doing a bit of research and making this tribute.:grinning:


Oh damn I was about to write that. :smile:

This is what’s disappointing about DC not showcasing most if not all the series written by Gerald Jones. Your making sure he ain’t getting money from this sure but you’re removing all the good work of artists like Mike Parobeck(El Diablo), Eduardo Barreto(Martian Manhunter: American secrets), and Cully Hamner(Green Lantern Mosaic) as well.


Parobeck’s comics were such a joy to get as a kid. The Justice Society stuff was so much fun, but I also love his Impact comics work. The Fly was always something to look out for when I was at the comic book store.

It’s such a shame he’s not with us anymore. I can only think of the stuff he would’ve done over the years.


I love, love his art style. I would have really liked to see what he would have continued to create, but I am very grateful for what we have. Is it obvious if I say that The Batman Adventures is my favorite of his? :slight_smile:


My favorite was probably The Fly from !mpact, but it’s all great.

It would be so easy to imagine him, like Chris Giarrusso, going off to illustrate kids books and doing very well there had he lived.


My favorite creation of his is, without a doubt, John Fox. Such an amazing addition to the Flash Family