A Statement on Teen Titans Go!

Yes it is a show for very small kids, and much of the humor in the show is “Potty” humor that again, appeals to very little kids, I think it should be cut some slack. I was able to look past it and see the very subtle adult jokes and things that actually made me laugh. I was watching it with my nephew, (this is how I first aw this show), and he, of course being really young, was giggling and talked about it a lot with me after it was over. I think it can actually be a good show to bring younger children in to the world of Dc. It definitely brought him in to it. As he is getting older, he is speaking to me about superheroes outside of Dc. He looks through my collectibles and such, and asks me to tell him stories about them.

All in all, it is a show that is hilarious to kids, a show that if you pay close attention, adults can appreciate, and a show that brings many young minds into the wonderful and creative world of Dc comics. I love this show. Well, no actually I wouldn’t say I love it. I respect it for the many uses this offers, but for me, it could use improvement. Well, no actually it doesn’t need improvement because it works perfectly for kids. i guess I’ll just say that it is a great show for kids to watch and is sure to bring a laugh to parents that happen to see a few minutes of it.


I 100% agree. I think Teen Titans Go! has been unfairly slammed by most DC fans because they refuse to understand that they are not the only kind of people who enjoy these characters. This show does a great job at reaching a younger fanbase as you describe. Also, the movie is genuinely funny. I highly recommend it.

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They had Weird Al Yankovic voice Darkseid.

I’m a fan for life :grin: