A secret trick to find threads that haven't been used in a while.

Fun fact, if you have a thread that you haven’t seen in a couple weeks that you want to look at AND you know the title of it, you can look it up in the search bar. At the very bottom of the search results is the community section. If you want to read the fun Jason and The Argonauts Fanfiction from Part 1 by nu52, just look up Jason and the Argonauts part 1! and it will be there.

Anyway thought I would share!


Didn’t know that one! Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the great tips offered, @Nathan.Payson! I also wanted to stop in to let everyone know that we have a bookmark feature as well, in case that comes in handy, too :slight_smile:

For those interested, you access it by clicking the vertical ellipses image in the upper right portion of the thread, which will let you go ahead and bookmark, after which, you’ll be able to find the thread on your forum home page under “Bookmarked Threads,” and can also remove them anytime using the same method.