A Perhaps Trivial but blinding (to me) realization about Talia!

Talia al Ghul and Elektra Natchios spring from the same stock

The League of Assassin and The Hand spring from the same stock


Both secret ninja organizations that are super old

Both obsessed with resurrection/immortality

Talia and Elektra often (but not always) have a very complicated relationship with their fathers/father figures (Ra’s for Talia, Elektra’s father and Stick for Elektra)

Talia and Elektra are love interests whose relationship with Batman and Daredevil is doomed

Both have periods where they are more heroic/anti-heroic (Talia in Death and the Maidens, Elektra in the current Daredevil run)

Both Talia and Elektra tend to have agency taken away from them a LOT

Both Talia and Elektra have periods where they become leaders of factions or the whole of the League/Hand


No Ra’s figure in The Hand - Stick has some of the same kinds of resonance, but isn’t really the villain or the head.

No “Chaste” equivalent for the League of Assassins, though they’ve been multiplying them recently, with Leviathan, League of Shadows, and League of Lazarus

Talia and the League created in 1971 by Denny O’Neil, Elektra and The Hand created in 1981 by Frank Miller - though it’s fascinating to observe that both Denny O’Neil and Frank Miller made huge contributions to both Daredevil and Batman, and O’Neil was Miller’s editor in his run on both Daredevil and Batman. The thread of Eastern philosophy, religion, aesthetic, and martial arts ran through the creations of both men in a deep vein.

The League of Assassins is basically run for ecoterrorist reasons, though Talia’s reasons tend to be much more about power rather than her father’s ideological motives, while the Hand seems to be much more just about power and…Cthulhu?


The foot (Ninja Turtles) is a parody of The Hand. All the similarities can also be said about Karai.

2003 Karai fits all the differences Talia has, but those are not in the comics.

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I have sometimes wondered about the Foot and the Hand, though I’ve never read or watched enough of the TMNT franchise to know. Thanks for the info!