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And a new golden age has dawned for the JSA… but hold on there is an old foe out there bent on their destruction across every age. Who is this foe and why does he watch one Helena Wayne? Lets find out but before we get started we must have the….


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  1. Do you agree with Power Girl’s and Catwoman’s assessment of Huntress’s JSA or do you feel, as Helena does, that even villains deserve a second chance?

  2. What did you think of the villains plan here?

  3. I really liked the art here. What was something you enjoyed about this story?


  • For May: JSA ALL STARS

  • For June: It’s Crossover Time!

  • For July: All Star Squadron

  1. It really depends on what these guys have done to redeem themselves. That is kept vague.

  2. Very good. In contrast tot he heroes relying on a team he only relies on himself.

  3. The rising tensions.