A Million Dollars, But (DC Edition)

Okay, here’s some evil fun for you guys on this Friday.

All of you are familiar with the game ‘A Million Dollars, But’ right?

Well, here’s my version of a Million Dollars, But question featuring a beloved DC character and an equally beloved DC pairing. You ready? Hear it goes:

You are a DC editor. One day, a wealthy benefactor comes along and gives you $1 Million to return Dick Grayson (now Ric Grayson) back to his true form and rightful place in the DCU as Nightwing, complete with full hair, blue-black costume, and escrima sticks.

BUT! There’s a catch! In order to get the $1 Million to ensure Nightwing’s complete return, you must agree to one editorial edict: Dick Grayson must never have a romantic relationship with Barbara Gordon ever again in comics!

Their past romantic flings are still canon, as the relationships Dick has had with countless other women through the ages, but the moment Nightwing returns, he and Barbara Gordon are forever barred from hooking up again in the pages of ANY comic book!

So, whether this is a simple Yes or No answer or you need to explain you choice, the question I want you ask yourself is: are you willing to sacrifice DickBabs in order to bring back the Nightwing we all know and love, or are you cool with keeping Ric around?

Remember, there are no second or third options. In this imaginary game, if you want our golden boy Nightwing/Dick Grayson to return for $1 Million, either DickBabs goes or Ric stays.

Choose wisely :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Dick/Starfire shipper here, so…yes! :+1:


I’d sacrifice Dick/Babs for free. I think they’ve outgrown each other. Money, please!


As much as I loved the Dick and Babs flirtations going all the way back to Batman Family #1, I would easily take the million dollars to never pair them back together again. People out-grow their first loves. Dick was initially more drawn to her than she was to him. After that, Dick went on to date Lori Elton, then Starfire and then others. Will he always love her? Absolutely. Are they end-game? No, not really. They both need to move on.

I’d shoot my own mother in the leg for a crisp 50 dollar bill, your darn rooting I’d end their relationship forever for a million samoleans

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Meh, since Flashpoint, I don’t really care anyway, but I wouldn’t want to cut off story possibilities. I’ll Renightwingify Dick, sure, but limiting writers for my personal profit would be unethical. I’m not taking the money.

Slightly misread, so scratch getting rid of Ric, but you never said Ric is permanent. Somebody else can do that after I’m gone.

Likely outcome: I take the money, the company finds out, the execs fire me, and Dan Didio kills Dick Grayson the second I’m gone.