a green arrow movie was supposed to be released in 2008😨😱

so i read online why hasnt green arrow gotten or made an apperence in a DC flim and read online that the writer i believe wrote a script back in 2008 for a green arrow movie called green arrow:escape from supermax . so i thought about it and was like why didnt they release it i think they should have and what about now do you think after all this time and seen how well everyone loves the arrowverse should the green arrow movie get released (if the script is still kept) or should he make an aperrence like example when batman gets cornered and needs help an arrow just comes from nowhere and saves him or do you think the green arrow isnt ment for the big screen


sorrt for not adding the link on which i read


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Oliver Queen has plenty of place with an extended Justice League. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some references in some upcoming movies with like Huntress and Canary?


I was REALLY looking forward to Supermax. I thought the idea was brilliant. But then they kinda went and used the scenario on Arrow last year.

But like @RedHood said, I’m really hoping at least hints are made in Birds of Prey.

i agree i really hope that we can get a hint it least im reading the comics and in the comics he does help out the justice league and from the justice league movie deathstroke is looking to be the main villian for justice league 2 and deathstroke has faced off against green arrow so maybe next movie we see him would be awesome

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Between George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal and the Supermax flick, JLM is the one I was eager to see.

Supermax sounded interesting, but not as a cinematic debut for Green Arrow.

As an action sequence in a Green Arrow movie where he has to fight his way through a prison and so on, sure. Not as the basis for an entire Green Arrow movie though. It’d wear thin, and fast.