A Few Comments on Wonder Woman (2006-2011)

Today I was able to finish reading the last of the issues in the 2006-2011 collection. All of the issues have some stand out moments, I thought. But I wanted to highlight just a few things.

My favorite writer from these 60 issues is Gail Simone followed by Allan Heinberg. Gail’s story arc of “Rise of the Olympian” would be my top pick. My favorite cover comes in #610 by Kramer and Sinclair, the one where Diana is partly filled in by puzzle pieces (I like doing puzzles). A close second for me in covers is #1 where Diana is shown crossing her bracelets surrounded by eagles, done by Rachel and Terry Dodson.

The storyline by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester was also really interesting, and Diana’s journey through to the end of the 14-part “Odyssey” arc had some solid moments. Her new design, depending upon the issue at hand, I thought had a lot of beautiful work done through the storyarc. I read where Jim Lee talked about the hard work that went into Diana’s new design, and so I appreciate the time that the creative team took to try and respect the past and also add another layer of creativity to Diana’s overall look and feel for a new generation of fans.

I still have The New 52 and Rebirth issues to cover, but I am fully into how the stories I found so far create a lot of dynamic and purposeful reflections for Diana and how that translates into how she sees herself in whatever world she wants to call home. All of the artists that have contributed to Wonder Woman’s journey create a lot of special moments to reflect on and enjoy, and I’m thankful I get a chance to see and read the journeys come to life.

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