A Discussion about The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child (spoilers will be discussed)

So on September 15 of 2020, we had the next release of the earth 31 with the release of the one-shot Graphic novel The Dark Dnight Returns: The Golden Child by Frank Miller and illustrated by Rafael Grampa featuring newer character designs for Lara john and Carrie Kelly, and its the first time we see these guys operating without there mentor/parents.

Carrie is crazy, Lara is angry emo, Jon is a tough and wise little brat and I love this incarnation of The son of Superman. i love that Darkseid himself gets him but kicked by a 6-year-old. and one of the two jokers has returned. i personally think it’s dick Greyson and not John doe. Honestly, i hope we see more of this bunch.

I can’t help but feel there may be more going on with Carrie and Lara than friendship.

so what does everyone else like or dislike about the book?

PS: For some reason, Jon’s design reminds me of Tetsuo from the classic anime film Akira.


Enjoyed it. Need to read it again to get most of the nuances. Found the political overtones funny (as with most of Frank Miller’s work). Would definitely like to see more of this series.

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