A "Chimp" Challenge! 15 Steps to get your fandom on for Fandome!

On August 22nd, Fans from across the globe will come for The DC Fandome! Here are 15 steps to get ready for Fandome.

Get ready For the Snyder Cut!

  1. Retrace your DCEU steps. Go back, forget all about the first Justice League, Aquaman, Shazam and Birds of Prey, think of what is to come. Remember the Knightmare? Snyder revealed that Superman was being controlled by Darksied with the Anti-Life equasion.

  2. Make an evidence board for the Snyder Cut.

3. Share and discuss your theories for the Snyder Cut below :point_down:

Wonder Woman 1984

  1. Create an evidence board for 1984.

look at the cheetah, it has been made into a doll and a pop as well.
Also, Remember the satalite from the trailer?

  1. Share your theories below :point_down:

  2. Consider this theory. Maxwell Lord wields the dreamstone (Remember him holding that crystal!) He might be making an army of Omacs. (Remember the Blue light!) It might bring back Steve and turn Barbara Minerva into Cheetah. Why I bring that up?
    images (1) No reason, no reason at all
    “Welcome, to the Future! Life is good, but it can be better, so why shouldn’t it be? All you have to do, is want.” Maybe, the satalite is making Maxwell Lord distribute wishes. That explains him craving for people to want.

  3. BONUS! Get to know the Golden Eagle Armor
    While the Gold Armor first appeared in Kingdom Come #3 (1996), it did not show up in the New Earth continuity until Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #144 (1999). A ceremonial battle armor created by Pallas and gifted to Wonder Woman. She donned it whenever she needed to face a powerful villain, such as Devastation or Imperiex. There were silver and bronze variants, used by Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark.

Harley Quinn


  1. Like Harley But more than Harley love her show? This panel is for you. Get ready for somethin’ Bloody for the uncensored ask Dr. Harley Quinn! Will She get a season 3? You might find out, These are questions submitted by fans!

The Suicide Squad

9. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is coming and Gunn is not holding anything back, check out the trailer above, and this

Just to make sure did everyone else see John Cena as Peacemaker? That is perfect casting! Also for everyone who does not know who Peace maker is…

Also Polka dot man makes his third appearance you can watch and his first in live action!

Black Adam

10. Black Adam starring the Rock! Just a warning none of it has been filmed so don’t suspect a trailer. Black Adam might be the hero of this movie, he also might fight the JSA it is all up in the air, but see if you can catch some clues and reveals. Here in the mean time is Black Adam’s origin, the movie most likely will be about,

Circa 1200 BC, Shazam became a high priest to the pharaoh Tut III of Egypt. As the wizard grew older, he sought a champion worthy to inherit his powers. The young prince Teth-Adam of Kahndaq (Ramses’ son) impressed the wizard with his fairness and decency. But before Shazam could bestow his powers, his daughter Blaze made a deal with the god Set. When Teth-Adam spoke the name “Shazam,” instead of gaining the wizard’s powers, he was blessed with the power of six Egyptian gods: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Mehen. Thus, though Adam speaks the name “Shazam,” he does not draw power from the wizard. Teth-Adam served Egypt for many years, but this duty drew him away from his wife and children in Kahndaq. Admam abused his powers though and they were stripped from him by the Wizard, Shazam.


  1. Don’t miss the Shazam! panel where the cast will be discussing the first Shazam! and might drop the plot of Shazam! 2 Starring Mr. Mind (just kidding) My money’s on Mr. Mind infiltrates Sivanna’s body and fights the Shazam family with the monster Society. And if we are lucky here is a list of people who might show up
    Uncle Dudely
    Tawky Tawny
    Hoppy The Marvel Bunny (he was in a deleted scene. spoiler alert! Darla’s plush bunny)
  2. If you haven’t already seen Shazam! 1 do yourself a favor.

The Batman

13. According to a recent poll I saved the best for last here is The Batman’s cast and crew
Robert Pattinson… Bruce Wayne / Batman
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz … Selina Kyle / Catwoman
Colin Farrell Colin Farrell … Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
Paul Dano Paul Dano … Edward Nashton / The Riddler
Andy Serkis Andy Serkis … Alfred Pennyworth
Peter Sarsgaard Peter Sarsgaard … District Attorney Gil Colson
John Turturro John Turturro … Carmine Falcone
Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright … James Gordon
Con O’Neill Con O’Neill … Chief Mackenzie Bock
Alex Ferns … Commissioner Pete Savage

Matt Reeves …Director
Michael Giacchino …Music

  1. Make an evidence board

Okay, Tell me that does not look awesome
I will tell you that girl on the motorcycle HAS to be Catwoman.
  1. Kids Fandome

Will be posted later.


Nice!! What a fun scavenger hunt!

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Thanks! I try my best in these challenges to really help you grasp the concept and dig even deeper