A Blast From the Past 90s Kid Style

So I mainly grew up in the 1990s which seems so long ago. So I why am I talking about the 90s ok to the kids born in the first decade of the new millennium gather around. There was a block of kids programming called Kids WB now this where Batman animated series was originally from but because of the success of the Batman came other shows. What where these little gems they where Superman the animated series and Justice League. Although, its was considered a new series it basically was a new season of Justice League they just added Unlimited also expanding cast size dramatically. This wasn’t just a DC Superhero block of programming but had other very 90s but very good shows that time traveled to the year 2020 called Animaniacs. So I want to talk about what DC superhero show would you want to see time traveled to now. Plus a side question for fun what DC character should have gotten their own stand alone episode on Justice League Unlimited like Booster Gold did. Also, if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about please watch at least the complete series of Justice League & Unlimited. Til next time I’m have been your host Jsmsiggy and if you want to direct message me just put @jsmsiggy and I will reply!


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I would have liked to see Spectre get his own episode. He’s probably too dark for those shows though. But still would’ve been cool.

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