‘80s Omega Men

I’m rereading Tom King’s Omega Men right now, which is absolutely fantastic even on a revisit. The old Omega Men property recently got added and I was wondering if that was worth reading. I don’t expect it to be as great as King’s run, but who knows? Thanks, guys!

Start with annual 2 then go to issue 25 and read till the end of the series, great run!

I only have a passing familiarity with the Omega Men, but I’ve always loved the “look” (i.e., the character designs) of the original team (see image). That said, I would love to see the original team return in a series with stories blending space opera with good old-fashioned super-heroics. The Omega Men really should have a larger presence in the cosmic corner of the DCU, as they have ties to both the Green Lanterns and Titans.

And, let’s face it, the Omega Men pre-date the modern Guardians of the Galaxy (Abnett/Lanning team) by nearly 30 years. The Omegans should steal some of their thunder back.


Thanks guys! I’ll check it out!