52 Weekly Comic From 2006

How important is this comic/ storyline? I was about to read it but was wondering how important it is to the dc universe at that time.

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I mean… it’s important to me.


What I don’t understand is how it says Batman Superman and Wonder Woman are missing for an entire year… where were they and where do we find out what they were doing?

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Infinite Crisis led into 52, but you honestly don’t need all that background. They went on sabbatical, and you find out a bit more about them near the end of that series, at least as far as Batman goes, but not too much because it’s not about them.

It’s a really good and fun story imo. One of the things that was cool was the series took place in real time, with each issue taking place that week.


During the course of Infinite Crisis, Superman lost his powers, Wonder Woman killed a man on national TV, and Batman realized he had lost sight of his original mission. Wonder Woman and Batman went on sabbatical to find themselves again, and Clark continued to work at the Planet, with no powers. 52 is the story of how a bunch of B-listers stepped up to save the world every week when the big guys couldn’t come.


Reason why I asked is because I just got done reading infinite crisis and I don’t recall anything showing they quit or Superman lost his powers.

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Okay I did see them talking at the end but I didn’t think that meant they were going away for that long…

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All I can say is 52 is worth the ride. There’s also some things that occur that I consider important to the the DCU, but, then Flashpoint did reset everything so we may see it different.

One non-spoiler important thing: Batwoman makes her first appearance.

Also, there’s really good reasons someone whose favorite character is the Question would say this one was important to them.


As @ralphsix said, 52 is absolutely worth the ride.

If you aren’t yet a Booster Gold fan, you likely will be after you read 52.


Great series. Very original. There’s still been nothing like it. Tons of surprises and it was dependably fun to read every week.

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I just finished a first time read thru of this series and I highly recommend it. It has a ton of characters who don’t usually get the spotlight, getting to shine this whole series. I loved every issue.

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