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Just out of curiosity, did rebirth retcon 52 all together or are they the same characters? I recent bought the Batman: Court of Owls trade and I need to know if things are same in Rebirth Batman.

This question goes for entire DCU. Are 52 and Rebirth separate or not. If someone can explain the changes that would be cool. Spoilers welcomed.

Rebirth comes directly out of the New 52. Rebirth basically suggested that the New 52 characters are the same as those prior to the New 52 it’s just that Dr. Manhattan has been messing with them and changed the timeline.

Are you saying 52 stories are basically irrelevant now?

Not at all. The New 52 is still in continuity as far as I know. Are you just a Batman fan? Or are you interested in the over reaching story arcs of the DC Universe? If you want to understand the Dr. Manhattan thing better you might just want to read some wiki articles about it. Or at least read the original Watchmen story and Rebirth one-shot. Doomsday Clock isn’t complete yet so nobody is completely sure what they have planned with that.

The way I look at Rebirth is that it’s the same universe as New 52, but with more time attached to it and closer to what the Post-Crisis world was.

It should also be noted that many books/characters, like Aquaman, Green Arrow, and more are still using New 52 books as continuity. Really, theonly characters that were radically changed were Superman and Wonder Woman.

My take on rebirth and also on the current Doomsday Clock series is that all this is going to help us understand what happened at the launch of 52

My take on Rebirth and N52 is that they coexist together. You can read DC Rebirth issue on here and it will explain it to an extent. Then read the initial issues of the titles for Rebirth you want to read. As an example, read DC Rebirth followed by The Flash Rebirth issue. Then you will understand it a little better. Outside of that we won’t know the full extent until they finish Doomsday Clock. Issues are every 2 months or so and still have. Looks like the 12 issue series will end around July

The whole point of rebirth is that the new 52 characters are starting to realize that the flashpoint happened and messed up their lives.


The thing I wonder about Rebirth, is how they explain the difference in histories and origins. The new iterations are too dissimilar to the old. I’ve seen people say that “both are canon”, but that can’t work, and to say it does anyway is lazy writing. I can’t be the only one who sees this; what are they choosing to keep and what are they tossing away, with a few characters in particular? In Superman’s case, they’ve apparently ignored much of the New52 retcons, which I’m all for. But in the case of certain other characters, I’m less than convinced.

Me, I haven’t read much DC since James Tynion IV decided Cassandra Cain wasn’t important in her own origin, and everything had to revolve around an unnecessary newer character. I don’t see how they can say this “Orphan” is the same Cass, when they have such starkly different beginnings and influences (and fathers). “Make things completely and just say they’re the same” barely works in theory, let alone execution.

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That last line should read, “Make things completely different and just say they’re the same”.

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Rebirth is in the modern continuity begun by The New 52 (and Flashpoint to be technical). They’ve referenced events from New 52 books in the Rebirth titles.

From what I know, Rebirth is a continuation of the New 52 but bringing back alot of fan favorite relationships, teams, and overall arcs for characters that people didn’t like changed. Bringing it back to it’s pre-52 roots.

It’s also the realization for the DC Universe that Flashpoint happened and changed everything.