3 Tier Subscription Service

DC Universe Infinite should have a 3 tier subscription service. $75 per year for basic, $120 per year for basic and 3 series delivered on the same day as print comics, and $240 per year with basic service and access to all titles delivered same day as print comics. I personally would do the $240 option if it was available, as I currently spend over $30 a month on books anyways.


I might do the 120 option. No way am I doing 240. I would probably stick with what I have.

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No way am I paying $240 a year and that would really limit people with tight budgets and everyone deserves to read comics at a fairly reasonable cost. Marvel Unlimited isn’t even that and I get an action figure and other merchandise with my sub for every year.

I came to this forum to make a similar suggestion. I would be willing to pay more than $240 a year to have comics day and date on the service. I know it would have to be a premium price to not disrupt direct market sales (comic book shop sales) but I’d be willing to pay it.

I will never stop being a physical collector of DC, I collect everything DC puts out in collected format. But panel view digital is my favorite way to sit down and read. I just can’t justify buying each individual comic digitally and then again in book format. A one time yearly fee, I’m fine with. Please DC, let us give you our money!