2 Questions

Let me start off by saying how much I love this service. It is one of the few apps that I use every day. I loved it before the expansion of the comic library and I love it even more now. ( Did I mention I love this app ? ) I have 2 questions for the mods that may or may not be able to be answered yet.

  1. How many comics are currently in the library ?

  2. When will we start seeing comics one year old ?

There is the Office hours you can post this to and also the support area

but for what DCU is saying overall there is going to be just under 21,000 by the end of April and also by the end of April we will start seeing the comics that are exactly one year old …
so for example I would assume we’ll see Immortal men number one by April 30.

That is my guess also, april 30th