100 Miles to Hall of Justice โ€” Tuesday, 2/9, 4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST

brought to you by @AquamonC137 and @ReepDaggle

Welcome to Game Night!

The name of the game is ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ๐•„๐•š๐•๐•–๐•ค ๐•ฅ๐•  ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– โ„๐•’๐•๐• ๐• ๐•— ๐•๐•ฆ๐•ค๐•ฅ๐•š๐•”๐•–! We need heroes to tryout for the Justice League and gain powers, make alliances, and fight villainous foes along the way! How do you get there, you ask? Keep reading below!:

๐˜๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ง:

  • Before playing, pick an emoji to represent your character.
  • When itโ€™s your turn, type in the chat below @Kelex roll 1d6 to roll a 6-sided :game_die: in order to move.
  • Use the drop-down menu in the post below to move that many spaces.
    (You can edit it by clicking the pencil icon, finding your emoji, and cut/pasting it however many spaces forward.)

Depending on the space you land on, different things can happen.

  • Utility Spaces are numbers with a (U) in the drop-down menu. After landing on a Utility Space, say @Kelex roll 1d15 to determine which Utility you will obtain, and add copy/paste the utility name next to your emoji. (See list of Utilities below.)
  • Super Spaces are numbers with an (S) in the drop-down menu. After landing on a Super Space, say @Kelex roll 1d18 to see which superpower you receive, and copy/paste the name and DP of that power next to your emoji. (See list of Super Powers below.)
  • Enemy Spaces are numbers with a villainโ€™s name next to them. The name you land on determines which villain you fight. The next post contains the list of villainsโ€™ attacks as well as a map to see which villains are where. (Also see the โ€œCombatโ€ section below.)
  • If you and a player land on the same space, youโ€™ll have to either fight or make an alliance:
    • If the players choose to fight, each player says @Kelex roll 1d3 to fight. (See the combat section below.) The player who looses the most HP must go to Themyscira (see โ€œThemysciraโ€ below) and the other player takes their spot.
    • If players chose to create an alliance, they must go to battle for each other during any future battles. If a player wants to leave an alliance, they lose a turn, and the alliance is then broken.
  • On all the other spaces, nothing happens.


  • Everyoneโ€™s combat capabilities will be recorded in the next post.
  • Each player starts of with 100 HP. Players are responsible for keeping track of how much health they lose by editing the post below. For example, if a player sustains 10 DP from an attack, they lose 10 HP.
  • Each player starts off with three different attacks that do 15 DP, 10 DP, and 10 DP. If youโ€™re feeling creative, you can change the name of these attacks, but donโ€™t change their DP.
  • If you gain a Super Power from landing on an (S) Super Space, you can replace one of your attacks with your new Super Power.
  • If you land on an Enemy Space:
    • Say @Kelex roll 1d3. The number you get represents the attack you use.
    • After you attack, itโ€™s โ€œthe villainโ€™s turnโ€; say @Kelex roll 1d3. The number you get represents the attack the villain uses. (E.g., if youโ€™re on 50 (Bane) in the drop-down menu and you roll a 1 at this point, Bane does 30 DP to you, so you loose 30 HP.)
    • If your attack did more than 5 DP less than the foeโ€™s attack, you go to Themyscira. If not, youโ€™ve won the fight but still lost HP.
  • If you and another player land on the same space:
    • The player who just rolled says @Kelex roll 1d3. The number they get represents the attack they use on the other player.
    • The other player does the same thing.
    • The player who looses the most HP must go to Themyscira (see below) and the other player takes their spot.


  • Below this post is a map of the gameboard and a drop-down menu for each city. The drop-down menu will be used to move your emoji across the map.
  • Certain numbers in the gameboard have a letter next to them; this represents which type of space youโ€™ve landed on. (See the โ€œSpacesโ€ section above.)
  • If you land on a space with another emoji on it, you landed on a space with another player. (See above.)
  • After doing what you need to do for your turn, let the other player know that it is their turn.


  • Players land on Themyscira if they have lost a fight with a villain or another player OR if your HP reaches 0 or below.
  • In the drop-down menu, to signify that a player is on Themyscira, their emoji is cut/pasted under โ€œThemysciraโ€.
  • The player can return to the space they were on before by rolling doubles. (I.e. The next time itโ€™s your turn, say @Kelex roll 2d3. If you roll the same number twice, YOU ARE FREE!)
  • If the player has tried to roll doubles for three turns, on the fourth turn, they return to where they were and can start playing again.
  • Upon leaving Themyscira, your health is restored.

If anyone wants to play, comment down below! The game is scheduled for Tuesday at 7PM EST


START: :batman_madhqtas: :yjo_nightwing: :apple: :trident: :question: :batman: :00_hawkman:

Star City (click on me)
  1. (U)
  2. (S)
  3. (Flamingo) :00_hawkman:
  4. :question:
  5. (S)
  6. (U) (:batman_madhqtas:)
  7. (12 Brothers in Silk) :batman: :trident:
  8. (S)
  9. (U)
  10. (Xavier Purvis)
  11. (S)
  12. (U)
  13. (Yasmin Soze)
  14. (S) :yjo_nightwing:
  15. (U)
Central City
  1. (U)
  2. (Zoom)
  3. (S)
  4. (S)
  5. (U)
  6. (U)
  7. (S)
  8. (S)
  9. (Gorilla Grodd)
  10. (Owen Mercer)
  11. (U)
  12. (S)
  13. (U)
  14. (Nanaue)
Gotham City
  1. (S)
  2. (Nygma)
  3. (S)
  4. (U)
  5. (U)
  6. (S)
  7. (Bane)
  8. (Orca)
  9. (S)
  10. (U)
  11. (S)
  12. (The Joker)
  13. (U)
  14. (S)
  1. (U)
  2. (S)
  3. (S)
  4. (U)
  5. (Roger Corben)
  6. (U)
  7. (S)
  8. (U)
  9. (Parasite)
  10. (S)
  11. (L-Corp)
  12. (S)
  13. (Doomsday)
  14. (U)
Coast City
  1. (S)
  2. (Umbrax)
  3. (U)
  4. (S)
  5. (U)
  6. (U)
  7. (Ultraviolet Corps)
  8. (Xar)
  9. (S)
  10. (Violet Lantern Corps)


Utility Cards

Can only be used once

  1. Speed Force
    Extra turn (must use once received)
  2. Radio Flyer
    Allows you to avoid an attack & fly away from Themyscira
  3. Go to Themyscira
  4. Lazarus Pit
    Revive you or another who died in battle.
  5. The Snyder Cut
    Allow players to cut the line of the closet player ahead of them
  6. Raven
    Gain health points. Roll 1d6 and multiply by 10.
  7. Aquanaut
    Escape from Themyscira!
  8. Flash Point
    Undo everyoneโ€™s last move.
  9. Zeta Beam
    Take a chance with the Zeta Beam and roll 1d20 to see what new spot on the board you land on (Limited to City you are currently in).
  10. You Hoser!
    Disconnect Baneโ€™s Venom Hoses (Reduces his attackโ€™s by 50%)
  11. Joker Anti-Toxin
    Immune from Jokerโ€™s Laughing Gas.
  12. Telepathic Dampener
    Blocks Groddโ€™s Telepathic abilities.
  13. Senzu Bean (:laughing:)
    Restores powers drained by Parasite.
  14. K-Suit
    Protects Kryptonian powers from Metallo.
  15. Solar Suit
    Protects Kryptonian powers from L-Corpโ€™s Red Sun.
Super Powers
  1. Heat Vision (20 DP)
  2. Ice Breath (15 DP)
  3. Kryptonian Punch (25 DP)
  4. Kryptonian Kick (25 DP)
  5. Tantu Totem Animal Attack (15 DP)
  6. Deadly Vines (10 DP)
  7. Batarang (15 DP)
  8. Cape (10 DP)
  9. Harleyโ€™s Mallet (15 DP)
  10. Venom (20 DP)
  11. The Green (20 DP)
  12. Poseidonโ€™s Trident (25 DP)
  13. Hydrokinesis (20 DP)
  14. Cat Claws (15 DP)
  15. Whip (10 DP)
  16. Green Lantern Ring (25 DP)
  17. SHAZAM! Lightning Strike (30 DP)
  18. Sword of Hephaestus (God Killer) (30 DP)
Star City
  • Flamingo:
    • Flaming Start (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ The Flamingo revs up his motorcycle engine and gets ready to ram you!
    • One-legged Kick (10 DP)
    • Basic Combat Skills (10 DP)
  • 12 Brothers in Silk:
    • Copycat Attack (โˆ† DP)
      โ€ฃ The brothers have memorized your fighting style and used it against you! This does as much damage as your last attack.
    • 12 Bo (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ Get attacked by 12 Tae Bo fighters at once.
    • Basic Combat Skills (10 DP)
  • Xavier Purvis/Silver Shade:
    • Electromagnetism (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ The Silver Shade hits you with whatever magnetic object is nearby.
    • Magnetic Misdirection (?? DP)
      โ€ฃ Xavier reverts your last attack back at you! This does as much damage as your next attack, and the foe takes no damage.
    • Basic Combat Skills (10 DP)
  • Yasmin Soze:
    • Pencak Silat (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ The villain attacks the player with three different weapons.
    • Moo Gi Gong (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ The villain attacks the player, proving her basic skills in martial arts.
    • Basic Combat Skills (10 DP)
Central City
  • Zoom
    • Flashpoint: (0 DP)
      โ€ฃ The foe goes back in time to undo your last attack. His HP is restored.
    • Lightning Strike: (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ Zoom fires an electric blast right at you!
    • Sonic Punch: (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ Itโ€™s like basic combat skills, albeit much faster.
  • Gorilla Grodd
    • Chimpath: (โˆ† DP)
      โ€ฃ Causes Player self-infliction with their own attack move. Ineffective against those with a Telepathic Dampener.
    • Ape-ex Predator: (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ The superintelligent has already memorized your fighting style! This does as much damage as your last attack, but does not affect those with a Telepathic Dampener.
    • Great Ape Smash! (20 DP)
      โ€ฃ If the player has a Telepathic Dampener, this is his only attack.
  • Owen Mercer/Captain Boomerang is attempting to rob a jewelry store! Itโ€™s up to you to Stop this crooked Aussie!
    • Razererang: (15 DP)
    • BOOMerang: (15 DP)
    • Speedburst: (15 DP)
  • Nanaue/King Shark is a Shark!
    • Carcharodon Chomp! (25 DP)
    • Sphyrna Hammer Hit (20 DP)
    • King Shark is a Shark (10 DP)
Gotham City
  • Nygma/The Riddler:
    • Itโ€™s that pesky C list villain The Riddler! Solve his riddle to proceed. You will be given 3 guesses to solve his riddle, each wrong answer will result in 10 DP, and if you fail to solve his riddle, you must go back to your previous position on the board.
  • Bane:
    • Dawnbreaker (30 DP)
      โ€ฃ Bane attempts to break your back!
    • Prison Riot (20 DP)
    • Basic Venom-induced Combat Skills (20 DP)
  • Orca:
    • Orcattack (20 DP)
      โ€ฃ The foe jumps straight up out of the ocean and dives onto land, crushing you in the process.
    • Fishing for Compliments (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ The enemy sends an army of piranhas to attack!
    • Invinciblubber (0 DP)
      โ€ฃ Because of her invulnerable whale-like hide, your next attack does no damage.
  • The Joker:
    • Laughing Gas (20+ DP)
      โ€ฃ After this turn, receive 10 DP until cured. Ineffective against those with Joker Anti-Toxin
    • Flower lapel acid blast (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ This is what you get for stopping to smell the roses.
    • Bang Flag Revolver (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ Always leave them with a โ€œBangโ€.
  • Roger Corben/Metallo: The radiation emitted from Metalloโ€™s Kryptonite core takes away all Kryptonian powers. Ineffective against those wearing the K-Suit. He is impervious to pain and can only be defeated by removing his K core power source.
    • Hologram projection:
      โ€ฃ Roll 1d3, 2 represents real Metallo. When utilized, Player must roll 1d3 for every attack, and damage will only occur if dice roll results in a #2.
    • Horu Kanu (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ Metallo retaliates with basic Kryptonian fighting skills that would put those butler androids to shame.
    • Kick/Punch (10 DP)
  • Parasite/Maxwell Jensen:
    • Rubber & Glue (?? DP)
      โ€ฃ Any Kryptonian or Meta powers attacks will be absorbed and reflected back on player.
    • Power Drain (20+ DP)
      โ€ฃ Parasite absorbs your life energy! When used more than once in a row, the attack damage increases by 10 DP.
    • Horu Kanu (10 DP)
      โ€ฃ If the player has no Kryptonian powers, this is Parasiteโ€™s only attack.
  • L-Corp: Luthor has locked you in a room with a red sun! The light from the sun negates your Kryptonian powers!
    • Plasma blast (20 DP)
    • Missile Blast (20 DP)
    • Sonic Blast (15 DP)
  • Doomsday is running ramped through Metropolis and destroying the city.
    • Property Damage (25 DP)
      โ€ฃ Itโ€™s not a real fight with Doomsday unless everything around you is destroyed in its wake.
    • Heat Vision Blast (25 DP)
    • Doom Strike (25 DP)
Coast City
  • Umbrax:
    • Sizzle (30 DP)
      โ€ฃ The player gets overwhelmed with a radioactive solar flare.
    • I See What You Did There (?? DP)
      โ€ฃ Umbrax casts a shadow over you, learns your next attack, and reflects it toward you. Your next attack only does damage to yourself.
    • Element Control (20 DP)
      โ€ฃ Umbrax manipulates the reactions in its own atmosphere, making its own orbit inhospitable.
  • Ultraviolet Corps:
    • Mystical Energy Misdirection (?? DP)
      โ€ฃ Your next attack passes through the invisible spectrum to become pure energy to be used against you! This does as much damage as your next attack, and the foe takes no damage.
    • Empath Attack! (30 DP)
      โ€ฃ The UV Corps overtake your brain, instilling fear and a rather obnoxious headache!
    • Wield the Sword of Unseen Light! (0 DP)
      โ€ฃ The corps pinpoint and nullify your motivation! Roll 1d3. Until the player rolls a 3, the player cannot do damage.
  • Xar:
    • Frightfall Legacy (30 DP)
      โ€ฃ Xar has bested much of the Alpha and Indigo Lantern Corps. Why stop at you?
    • Fangs of Fear (15 DP)
      โ€ฃ Roll 1d4. If a 1 or 2 is rolled, the player sustains 15 DP. If a 3 or 4 is rolled, the player must move back twice as many spaces.
    • Basic Alien Combat Skills (20 DP)
      โ€ฃ Xar has trained in the art of Klurkor! (But since itโ€™s a fighting style from a dead planet, it only does 20 DP.)
  • Violet Lantern Corps:
    • Love Hurts (25 DP)
      โ€ฃ The Star Sapphire ring is powered by love. The problem is: they love to hurt you.
    • Romance is in the A-air! (0 DP)
      โ€ฃ The Star Sapphire ring tampers with the chemical reactions in your brain! The player is โ€œinfatuatedโ€ with the foe and unable to attack the next turn.
    • Heartbreak (30 DP)
      โ€ฃ The ring generates a mystical blast, intending to literally break your heart!
  • :apple:


  • @Nickywood [K-Suit]
    • Attack 1 (15 DP)
    • Attack 2 (10 DP)
    • Attack 3 (10 DP)
  • @Detective7 (:yjo_nightwing:)
    • Nightwinging it (15 DP)
    • Harleyโ€™s Mallet (15 DP)
    • Batarang (15 DP)
  • @AquamonC137 (:trident:)
    • Attack 1 (15 DP)
    • Attack 2 (10 DP)
    • Attack 3 (10 DP)
  • @ReepDaggle (:apple:)
    • Attack 1 (15 DP)
    • โ€œGreen Lantern Ringโ€ (25 DP)
    • โ€œTantu Totem Animal Attackโ€œ (15 DP)
  • @HubCityQuestion (:question:)
    * The Danny Boy (15 DP)
    * Binary Gas Attack (10 DP)
    * Hard-Hitting Question (10 DP)
    @DickGrayson_TheBoyFriendWonder :batman:
    • Attack 1 (15 DP)
    • Shazam Lightning (30 DP)
    • Attack 3 (10 DP)

@TheRealHawkman :00_hawkman:
* Attack 1 (15 DP)
* Attack 2 (10 DP)
* Attack 3 (10 DP)

If you want to join, pick the emoji you want to play as and comment down below. Remember: the game is Tuesday at 7PM EST


Is this the game reep you were talking about

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:0_lc_green_lantern_hal_jordan: If nobodyโ€™s mind, Iโ€™ll be a Green Lantern. I never play this kind of game before, but Iโ€™m willing to give it a try.


Is there batman if so I will be him :batman_madhqtas:


Yes, and both of you are on the gameboard. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok cool 1 question is a apple a super hero or does it just need to be a Emoji

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It just needs to be an emoji. No superhero needed


I wish I could playโ€ฆbut I canโ€™t

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Really you busy

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Yeahโ€ฆI have a life

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Oh I see lol

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My gosh what is this?! Iโ€™m gonna need to read the rules later. Right now I need pizza.


Ok bye dude talk later see ya


I really wish I could play but I have a life :disappointed:


Itโ€™s okay if you canโ€™t make it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The game is in a couple days, so if anyone wants to join, now is the time (or you can wait to join Monday).


I would like to join if thatโ€™s alright. Can I be :yjo_nightwing: Nightwing


You have been added to the gameboard!

The second post is now a wiki, so anyone can change the name of name their default attacks, if they want.


The game is TOMORROW AT 7PM EST!

Join now before itโ€™s too late! Unless you donโ€™t want to play, of course. Your choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Put my trident on start, wasnโ€™t sure if you were assigning Attacks&DP so left it blank for now. Thank you for putting this together @ReepDaggle you Rock! :metal:

See yโ€™all at 7!


Attacks and DP are just defaults for now. Attack 1, Attack 2, and Attack 3 just do 15, 10, and 10 DP.

Anyone can change the name of the attacks if they feel numbering the attacks is too boring.