10 Must Watch Episodes of STATIC SHOCK

Back in the year 2000, DC Super Hero Static made his way to the Kids WB Saturday morning lineup. 52 episodes/ 4 seasons later, we are left with hours of fantastic animation that follows the problems faced by our favorite teenage superhero, Static Shock.

You can check out all of 52 episodes here on DC Universe, and for true fans of the show we suggest checking out the article of the 10 most must-see episodes in the news section of the app ( or copy this link: https://www.dcuniverse.com/news/10-must-watch-episodes-static-shock/ ).


These some of best eps the shoe have wish it come back

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Been binge watching this all week!

My favorite Static Shock episode is “Future Shock”

i’ve really got to rewatch this again. love it

This show has 52 episodes? How very DC comics, LOL. But seriously, is this show actually as good as people say?

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You know it’s funny how static shock was originally suppose to not be in the dcau yet it had the most crossovers among all the dcau shows

My favorite episode is when Static goes to Africa. That was the best superhero team up.

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Classic Dwayne McDuffie written ep!