Zero Hour deserves more love

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Heroes in Crisis-love, hate or indifferent, I hear more about these storylines than the original Crisis-and in my opinion the best-Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, and I don’t get it. Zero Hour had everything, the total fall of Hall Jordan into Parallax, Parallax knocking our Supes with one punch, Oliver having to kill Hal in order to safe reality, and the first re-boot of D.C. I absolutely loved it.


Well, I think Crisis on Infinite Earths is the original crisis/reboot (1985-86, with Zero Hour being the next big crisis, published in 1994). But I agree that Zero Hour doesnt seem to get as much attention. I think partly it might be that some fans don’t care for the whole evil Hal storyline. But also Infinite Crisis tied into the CoIE storyline pretty neatly, so that’s probably a big part of why it overshadows ZH. You can tell a relatively simple story about how CoIE merged the multiverse into a single universe and IC reestablished the multiverse, and ZH doesn’t really fit into that story neatly.

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Zero Hour was DC’s first attempt at undoing the Crisis on Infinite Earths because they realized that getting rid of the Multiverse was a mistake.

The big thing that came out of ZH for me was Mark Waid’s first (and longest-lasting) reboot of the Legion of Superheroes, which I absolutely love.


I really enjoyed Zero Hour, especially for the Dan Jurgens art. I know it gets a lot of flack for killing off several JSA members, but think what came out of this: we got the Jack Knight version of Starman and years later the JSA series would have Extant pay for what he did, but also give us a wonderful story with Hourman.

I loved the issue of Superboy where he meets the Silver Age Superboy, too.


As someone who is newish to comics. I’ve read Zero Hour twice and I still can’t tell you what actually happened in it. It deals with a lot that I haven’t read yet and so I just get lost in what is happening. Though, I feel like this happens with every big crisis/event, so it isn’t just this one.


Corrected. I read Zero Hour first and later discovered Crisis on Infinite Earths. Infinite Earths came out when I was in college, and during that time I think the only comic I read was Return of the Dark Knight.

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I completely agree. I read Zero Hour when it came out, and I was a very avid buyer. I was reading most DC comics at the time, and I knew all the major players in the Zero Hour storyline.

However, Zero Hour is hard to follow. You need a bunch of background information which is hard to assemble.

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