Zac Efron

What character should Zac Efron play…Would he be a good Nightwing…or Hal Jorden? Hes too good of a actor not to represent in comic movies

He doesn’t necessarily should but I wouldn’t be completly against it. Not for Hal Jordan but I don’t think he’s bad a choice for Nightwing

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Little to old for Nightwing seeing as how they are looking for a late 20’s person to play Batman.

Booster Gold?


Guy Gardner? He played a great jerk in Neighbors.


There’s only one correct answer here:


The younger Wildcat?

He’s done it before.

kyle Rayner would be the best.

At LEAST Kyle Rayner. We are going to get a very renowned actor to play Hal. Not saying Zac isn’t one but Hal’s actor will be like Affleck level talent. With Geoff at the helm of the movie you know this cast will be insane! Can’t wait!!!

If Henry Cavill does hang up his cape, what about Superman? I mean, Efron has an established fanbase, has shown he can act (thanks to Richard Linklater, among others) and he’s probably hungry for a franchise. Seems like a decent fit at minimum.

I could also see him as Kyle Rayner.