Your version of "The Batman"

With Matt Reeves hard at work with his take on the Caped Crusader, there are a lot of rumors about what exactly it will be about. Here is the information that is more or less confirmed:

-Batman will be played by Robert Pattinson

  • NOT and origin story, but still struggling to find his footing
    -set in the 1990s
    -Focused on his detective skills
    -POV story with a Noir influence
    -Several iconic villains at least

With that in mind, how would your version of “The Batman” play out?


I’d say Reeve’s vision is pretty much my vision, at least on paper. I would have picked someone other than Pattinson, even though I’m not against him. I just prefer an older Batman with a larger physical presence.

My main bullet points would be.

-Grounded detective/noir story that focuses on a new or mystery killer.

-Focus on relationships with Gordon and Alfred. No sidekicks (just my preference)

-Limit Batman’s gadgets to be believable. No Bat-Mech suits, Bat-Rockets, etc.

-I’ve always said I’d have Batman set in the past. I’ve said the 80s, but the 90s are perfect too. A vigilante was more necessary back then, and could more easily exist. I always picture a dirty, crime-infested New York City that we had in the 80s & 90s. I think Reeves has the same idea.

But is there a specific story? If you were directing, what would the story of “The Batman” be?

A mob boss in Gotham is murdered, so Batman investigates. As he investigates rival organized crime, the “freaks” start to get involved. My idea is basically a version of the Long Halloween/Dark Victory. Not an adaption of the story. More like an adaptation of the core idea of the story: crime is changing in Gotham. It’s the fall of organized crime and the rise of the “freaks”. I think that would make a good movie, and it fits the what we know about the film so far: Noir, featuring many well known Batman villains, established but early Batman. Even the fact that it’s set in the 90’s works, since that’s when those stories released.

Plus, it’s a mystery. Batman would investigate a string of deaths. So that fits too.

Btw this is a great idea for a thread.

My version of “The Batman” would pretty much be a modified version of “Mask of the Phantasm”. This might be a controversial decision, but here me out.

Batman (Robert Pattinson) has been around for a few years, his main enemies being mob bosses like Carmine Falcone. Cobblepot AKA Penguin (Paul Giamatti) is one of them, but the other bosses look down on him due to his “eccentric” personality. Doing this for a while and gaining fee true successes, Bruce thinks about giving up. He then hears Andrea Beaumont (Rebecca Ferguson) is back in Gotham and decides to visit her. The two were old friends before she moved away as a young girl after her father was mysteriously murdered, all of this happening before Bruce’s own tragedy. The two quickly reconnect, even being a little flirtatious. Bruce starts considering quitting more and more, even considering a relationship with Andrea. The whole Phantasm mystery starts unfolding and playing out shortly after Andrea’s return. Bruce is desperately trying to keep up, even at one point asking Catwoman (Alexandra Daddario) for information. He manages to catch up to the Phantasm in Falcone’s home, figures out it is Andrea, and that Carmine killed her father all those years ago. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop her from killing Falcone but keeps her in one place long enough so the police can arrest her. But she has caused a lot of damage in Gotham, the absence of regular crime bosses allowing Penguin to gain a lot more power. The end also teases the emergence of more costumed individuals (Riddler, Joker, maybe even a Court of Owls tease). Bruce starts to truly embrace his role as Gotham’s protector.

I would probably have Bryan Cranston as Gordon and Anthony Hopkins as Alfred