Your top pick new release comics for 1/9/19

This week’s New Comic Day is fast approaching (Yay :slight_smile: ), so what are your top new release picks for the week? They can be new single issues, trades, omnibuses, etc (non-DC titles can obviously be mentioned too). What’s the comic book dip you’re looking to put on your chip?

For me, I’m most psyched for:

-Young Justice #1 (I’m excited for the Wonder Comics imprint as a whole, but this book is my most anticipated of the line)
-Adventures of the Super Sons #6
-The Green Lantern #3
-Martian Manhunter #2
-Justice League #15

What new hotness are you looking forward to this week?


Not newly released, but I have a shipment coming in for the New Teen Titans Omnibus vol. one. I am really looking forward to reading Deathstroke’s first appearance on physical paper.

There are still some “old” omnibuses I am still waiting to become cheaper, but I do hope that DC Comics releases an Aquaman GAO.

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Excited about that new Young Justice. They got at Jenny Hex…

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@abfgmsw, that’s cool. It sounds like you’ve got a decent sized collection of omnibuses.

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@OldManJonah, I’m curious to see more of Jinny Hex too. Did you read her first appearance in Batman Giant #4?

I’m hoping Young Justice becomes an an “it book” that people eagerly anticipate. Feels like it has that potential to be a big fan favorite. I’m very curious as to what the story behind its Superboy is.

@Vroom I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up. I need to hunt that down now.

You’re welcome. Good luck in your quest =)

Any day JL comes out is a great week.

Definitely Young Justice. Waiting on trades for The Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

Got Justice League and Batman on my pull already and hopefully with Mitch Gerads on #62 of Bats the issue delivers. Been a lil disappointed in the book since the excellent Cold Days arc(51-53).

Snyder and Tynion are killing it with Justice League and I expect no less this week.

Bendis’ writing has been a mixed bag for me but he has a way of getting young characters right so here’s hoping YJ is IT. At least we know the Pat Gleason art will be stellar!

Batman kings of fear #6
Deathstroke #39
Justice league #15
Curse of brimstone #10
The unexpected #8
Green lantern #3
Return of wolverine #4

@Vroom Right now, twenty including the New Teen Titans Omnibus Volume One. Plus, the digital trades for DaRoS (so, technically twenty-one). The House of Secrets Bronze Age Omnibus was released today, but it is around $60 right now, so I will wait on picking that one up, but my current wishlist includes ten more omnibuses spanning from Golden to Bronze Age.

I apologize if this is sightly deviated from the main bulk of the discussion, but I love the omnibus runs.

Not House of Secrets, House of Mystery was released today. For some reason, I always get those two confused.

@abfgmsw, no apologies are necessary. You’re fine :slight_smile:

Do you have omnibuses of more modern (ten to fifteen years from my POV) material or are you more focused on older titles?

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@Nickweiser, I love Patrick Gleason too! I read GLC when he was on it along with other books he did, but it was the New 52 Batman and Robin series that made me a fan of his. I loved his work on Robin: Son of Batman and especially the Rebirth Superman series too.

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I’ll be getting Curse of Brimstone and Suicide Squad: Black Files at the store and Green Arrow will come in the mail in a week or two because it’s a subscription

Stayed up late to get Young Justice #1 and it was absolutely worth it. Very fun issue. The six variant covers are crash too.

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@Vroom Unfortunately, all of the modern comics I have read have included profanity, so I just stick to the old stuff.

Now, if they made a Tiny Titans Omnibus, I would probably pick that up.

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Tiny Titans was a cute series from what I read. I’m surprised it doesn’t have an omnibus yet.

I’m surprised a lot of comics don’t have an omnibus yet. Especially when some are getting reprints (which would be more reasonable if the demand exceeded quantity, but ones like the Flash SAO is just to make the dust jacket look like the rest). I wouldn’t be surprised if they reprint Justice League SAO before Flash gets a GAO.

I picked up Young Justice #1, Adventure of the Super Sons #6, and Green Lantern #3.
Green Lantern under Morrison is going to be one of those book people either you get it and like it or you don’t. It almost feels like an indie/sci-fi book. But there are tons of little touch for look time DC fans. All the cosmic villains at the planet auction lonely is worth it, just to try and figure out who everyone is.
Adventures of Super Son, has just been DCs most fun book. Crazy ideas and great cliffhangers. And because Daimon and Jon are so young they just roll with it in a believable way. The books tone is so similar to the original Young Justice comic from the 90s. Plus,the book is full of little touches, that are fun for DC history fans.
Young Justice #1 was the good. I have been underwhelmed by Bendis run at DC so far, but Gleason’s art help bring me back to DC during his Superman Rebirth run. I was a fan of the original YJ run under PeterDavis and Todd Nauck back in the day, so I definitely wanted to check this out. Over all I like YJ#1 and look forward to more, but I am confused about one thing. Is the Wonder Comics Line a separate continuity from the rest of DC comics line? I am okay with it if it is, probably prefer it if it is. Just want to know so I don’t have to keep think about it.