Your Top Favorite DC Merch That You Own

I’m making a Top 10 list and not including films/shows or videogames.

Batman’89 Statue
Tim Burton’s Batmobile Collectible
60’s Batmobile Collectible
Yellow Oval Batman Symbol T-Shirt
New 52 Batman Symbol T-Shirt
Neal Addams Batman Cup
Superman Symbol Glass
Justice League Character Symbols Glass
Batman’89 Art
Jim Lee’s Superman Art


MY DC Comics Vinimates


Honestly, I like every piece in my collection so much, that past my top 4 or 5 favorites, things get a little muddled for me. Ask me tomorrow and my list can look different, but here it goes anyhow:

1- Iron Studios Prime Scale Ivan Reis Superman statue
2- DC Collectibles Designer Series Jim Lee Superman Statue
3 - Mezco One:12 Collective Classic Superman figure
4- Sideshow 1/6 scale Superman figure
5- DC Collectibles Designer Series Lee Bermejo Superman figure
6- DC Collectibles Designer Series Lee Bermejo Batman figure
7- Neca Christopher Reeve Superman figure
8- Mezco One:12 Collective BvS Batman figure
9- DC Direct Terry Dodson Wonder Woman figure
10- Kenner Super Powers Superman figure.


Very nice

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Some of my merch


Awesome right there!

This Prime 1 Studios statue is my absolute DC grail I own I love this piece


Welcome, @uniquecrysis! That statue’s awesome!

thank you, and glad to be in the DC community

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