Your Top 5 Batmobiles

I have to go with…

Tim Burton’s
Animated Series
New 52
Batman Beyond

Arkham Knight, Tim Burton’s, Arkham Asylum, The one from “The Batman”, and the BVS one

'66, most of what comes after shouldn’t even be called the Batmobile

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Early Batmobiles, 70’s, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Beyond, Sports Car, Tumbler, Arkham Knight and maybe DCEU’s shouldn’t but…

Tim Burton’s
Animated Series
Batman Forever’s
Batman and Robin’s
The Batman’s
Batman Brave and the Bold
New 52

All qualify to be rightfully called Batmobiles

  1. The 60s Adam West TV show version
  2. Norm Breyfogle’s design
  3. The New 52 version version
  4. The Animated Series
  5. The DCEU/Ben Affleck version

Which is Norm Forgogle’s deign?

1989 movie
The New Batman Adventures
Batman The Animated Series
Batman 66
Grant Morrison flying Batmobile


You mean Batfleck/DCEU’s?