Your thoughts on the Justice League Action TV show.

I watched this on Cartoon Network and have been rewatching it on Hulu.

Recently I watched “The Trouble with Truth” episode. That’s a fun one and is fairly Wonder Woman centric. Some fun lines too, like Batman’s “Could you not do that?” when the owl Bubo flies onto a keyboard he’s using and Green Arrow’s “I swear I can almost hear his blood pressure rising.” when he sees Batman’s frustration with Athena.

Anyway, it’s a fun show. What do you think of it and what are your favorite episodes?



I’ve only caught a couple of episodes and I like what I’ve seen. If you enjoyed Batman: Brave & The Bold you should enjoy JL:A

It’s on Hulu? I WILL have to check that out. Thanks Vroom.

Very enjoyable. I’m disappointed that it looks like we’re never getting more episodes. Silly Cartoon Network…

As far as favorite episode? Probably ‘Time Out,’ with its great portrayal of Booster Gold. JLAction often went a little too wacky with his character, but this episode was a good balance between Heroic Booster and Zany Booster.

There are also JLA shorts too. I don’t recall if they’re on Hulu ATM.

There’s one that features Flash and Lobo and it’s remniscent of Wile E.Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons. Fun stuff!

Anyone else?

A Good Friend of mine, Jason Lewis, is Superman in the Series. I also wanted to see more Episodes made for his sake, he is very Talented and I hope he gets more Work with other DC Productions.


Say, that’s keen! He was a groovy Superman on JLA. I too hope he stays in the employ of WB.

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Justice League Action always felt like a halfway point between the DCAU and Brave and the Bold, and it had a lot of fun inhabiting that space. Plus, true to its name, the action scenes were on point.

As for favorite episodes, I’d go with the Space Cabbie-centric ones. It’s so cool to see such an obscure character get that much love.

The fact that Space Cabbie was played by Patton Oswalt (who also voiced The Atom in TTG to the Movies) added to his greatness.

Of the many casting highlights to be found in Justice League Action, one of the best was John DeLancie as Brainiac. He played Q in various Star Trek productions (best Star Trek villain ever). Q was an arrogant alien that thought himself above everyone else. Brainiac is cut from the exact same cloth, except Q has a sense of humor (and a pretty darn good one in some instances).

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are reason enough to watch the show. My favorite one is the short where Mark Hamill gets kidnapped by Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) and the Trickster (voiced by Mark Hamill). Then Swamp Thing (voiced by Mark Hamill) saves Mark Hamill :joy:


@Batman1993, that short is absolutely one of the best. Its creative, fun and funny!

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I enjoy the show.

…and it does appear to be on Hulu

As I said it was. Now go watch it, then nerd out about it here =)

0H… NOW yer sure lol

I’m more of an Action League Now kinda still frame animation guy.

@MH, it’s the short episodes I wasn’t sure of. Not the main series and their regular length episodes :wink:

Action League Now…that sounds familiar…


Gotta love anything that starts with the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel!

But… is Black Adam really gone for good?