Your Springtime Fresh New Release Picks for March 20th

Boing!!! Spring will spring forth this Wednesday, which is also New Comics Day! New comics are always fresh!

What I’m buying:

-Damage #15
-Naomi #3

What new releases are putting the fresh flower scented boing, boing in your Spring season this week?

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Aquaman #46
Justice League #20
Night Wing#58

Might get The Authority Revolution by Ed Brubaker
Graphic Novel.

This week:

  • Batman #67
  • Justice League #20
  • 80 Years of Batman (a week late on that one; hadn’t noticed it was already out).

@moro I meant to pick up the 80 Years of Batman book last week, but I’m holding off until next week to get it alongside 'Tec #1000.

Can’t wait until the 27th =)

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Will enjoy
American Carnage

Buy only to keep Current

Electric Warrior
Justice league
Teen Titans

Final issues

I feel very sad.

One comic to enjoy

Rest to plow through.

Going to C2E2 this weekend looking for a lot of graphic novels to lead me into current titles. Bummed that my order of The WildStorm volume 3 was cancelled for no reason. I’ve heard good things about Naomi, but I haven’t been in the shops lately to pick up a copy.

American Carnage #5
Batman #67
Naomi #3

And outside of DC, it looks like Farmhand returns from Image with issue #6. Great series, excited for the next arc.

Venom #12