Your plans for Detective Comics #1000.

Today is Wednesday (yay! New Comics Day!) February 27th. Detective Comics #1000 comes out in exactly one month. What are your plans to mark this very special event for this very special and important issue?

I’m planning to pick up:

-'Tec #1000 (digital and print)
-Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman (digital and print)
-Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition (digital and print, when it comes out in June)

If a comic store has a spiffy sale on 'Tec back issues that aren’t available digitally, I might snag a few of those too.

So, what are your plans for what is the most important book of the year and it’s release in just one month?


My local shop is offering a deal where you can get every variant cover for Detective Comics #1000 for $88 which I had to do. I also plan on picking up the 80th anniversary hardcover. I plan on getting the deluxe edition when it’s released in June. Once there is a week to the release I also plan on re-reading everything from the last trade of Detective Comics (Volume 8) to issue #999.

I only buy my comics digital, but in this case I will make an exception and get both hardcovers (80 years and the deluxe edition #1000). Same thing I did for Supes.

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@moro, I was still into print when Action Comics #1,000 came out but after getting into digital, I bought it and it’s tie-ins in that form too.

Given what a big deal Action and 'Tec #1,000 are, I decided to give each book extra support by going the digital and print route. You only hit #1,000 once, may as well make the most out of it, right?

Last year, there was a poster released that featured all 1,000 covers of Action. Is anyone aware of a poster like that being made for Detective #1,000?

I will buy the paperback copy.

I’m just picking up the physical copy. Hopefully it won’t be as disappointing as Action 1000 was.

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Bumped for timeliness :slight_smile:

This week is the one! In three days on March 27th, The Big One, Ye’ Ol Hefty Duke-a-roo, The Colossus of Comicdom… Detective Comics #1000 will be released and in our hands!

Are you doing anything special to mark this VERY special occassion? Have you seen the great Batman sales Comixology has had over the last few weeks in anticipation of 'Tec #1000’s release?

If you shop at a comic store, what is your store doing to mark this publishing event of a lifetime?

Spill your Planning Beans and get ready to read Detective Comics #1000!

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Will definitely be picking up a copy of Detective Comics #1000

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Another timely bump-o-dee-bump!

One day to go!

I’m gonna go to Port City Comics and pick up a few covers. Anyone know where I can find a Lau variant?

I think I’ll start the day in the morning by watching some Batman in animation here on the app. Then, I’m going to head to my local shop, wearing my best Batman T-Shirt of course, and pick up Detective 1,000. Definitely going to try and snag some of the Decades Variants too. Once I get home I’ll be reading Detective 1,000. Then, in the evening so think I’ll watch one of the Batman movies here on the app. I’m thinking Batman '89! After the movie, i’ll probabky re read Detective 1,000. Definitely going to be all things Batman tomorrow!!!

I pre ordered the regular Jim Lee cover from Midtown Comics but I might try to hit the only local comic shop in my area and look for variant covers. My local comic shop isn’t that far away time or distance wise it’s just you kinda have to make a special trip to go to it. To be completely honest I’m happy with just having the Jim Lee cover for both Detective Comics and Action Comics 1000 because JL is my favorite artist and has been for 30 years of so.

My local Comic shop is doing the whole Midnight Release thing. I can’t wait. I’m trying to decide how much money I’m going to spend. I can see myself being broke after buying multiple copies of DC #1000 plus all the usual Wednesday releases. I’ll probably end up walking away with around 30 comics lol

As I was my message about my DC 1000 plans it hit me that unless I want to blow all of my extra spending money I can only get one maybe two variants at full cover price. I don’t know what comic shops make per issue but it would be nice to have some kind of sale. Maybe something like 3 for $25 or buy 3 copies or more and get $2 off each copy. This might not even be possible for the majority of shops which I have no problem with. But at a $10 cover price buying more than one copy just for a different cover becomes a little much at a certain point.

I feel you man. Collecting comics is a expensive hobby

Prices and lack of buying options are the two main reasons I’m now a trade guy. Maybe it just the fact I come from a era where comics where available in a lot of stores but I wish comic companies would try to get more stores to carry comics or at least special issues such as AC or DC 1000. I thought for sure Barnes and Noble would carry Batman Damned since it was a larger premium format but nope. Right now my local B&N has a empty spot where they use to stock single issues in the magazine section so why not fill that empty section with comics once again. If I would walk into my local B&N this weekend and see DC 1000 I would buy it just to I’ll buy comics I want if you stick them.

I’m lucky, 6 months ago a comic book store opened literally 2 minutes from my house. I’ve done everything I can to support it ever since. I spend on average about $150 a week there

Idk if my lcs is having a midnight release but in the morning I’m going to make the 2 hour bus commute to it. It will be the first time I’ve ever been to a comic book store. I usually subscribe to series or read digitally. They deemed March Mad Hatter Madness and have a different sale everyday. Tomorrow its 36% off anything Batman except for new comics and statues. I probably wouldn’t even go if the comic release fell on any other week but a lot of the series I read also come out tomorrow.

How do the variant covers work? Is there a difference between incentive and variants? I think I know how they work but at the same time what I know could be little more than a educated guess.

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I went to my local Barnes and Noble today to pick up Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol Vol 2 and right as you walk in they had a table with two stacks of the 80 Years of Batman book and a stack of Detective Comics 1000. And I did what I said I would and bought a copy.