Your Movie Casting

In a parallel universe you are asked to cast a justice league movie using whatever characters you want the only rule is the actors can’t have played this role before. (Example Ben Affleck can’t be Batman, Gal Gadot can’t be Wonder Woman.) So what’s your picks?


Batman- Jon Hamm
Superman- Unknown Actor
Wonder Woman- Ana De Armas
Aquaman- Joe Mangianello
Green Lantern- Michael B Jordan
Flash- Taron Egerton

Not great at fan casting, gave it a shot though.


Oh man I love the Flash and GL casting you got! Taron Egerton would kill it


Thank you!

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Sam Witwer looks like an Awesome Bruce Wayne.


Sam Witwer is awesome big fan of him. I agree he could be a great Bruce Wayne but I could see him as Jason Todd as well.

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Awesome topic, @SRTLOWE!

Batman: Bruce Campbell or “Unknown” Actor

Superman: Matt Bomer

Nightwing: Jared Padalecki

Damian Wayne: Robbie Amell

Ra’s Al Ghul: Oded Fehr

Poison Ivy: Ali Larter

Jim Gordon: Bryan Cranston

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Batman- Peter Facinelli
Commissioner Gordon- Ron Perlman
Zatanna- Alexandra Daddario
Superman- Ian Somerhalder
Constantine- Joseph Morgan
Nightwing- Sean Faris
Timothy Oliphant- Green Lantern
But wow I love all these picks!

I’d pay you to make that movie. The Bruce Campbell could be a excellent choice for an older Batman who is just snarky and gives backhanded compliments out.

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Wow, best response ever! I’m hyped about these choices too @SRTLOWE - thank you! Wish I could make this movie!

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