Your Legends of Tomorrow team

If you could assemble your own Legends of Tomorrow team from any of the characters who have appeared in the CW Arrowverse who would you choose? Who would you keep on the team? Who would you replace?

I would personally keep Steel, Atom, Vixen, and Z, replace White Canary, Kid Flash, Heat Wave, Firestorm, and Ripp Hunter, and add Constantine, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, Arsenal, Gypsy, and Deadshot. The Ray and Jonah Hex would be my alternates.

Gypsy would make a much more interesting strong leading woman that WC, Deathstroke and Deadshot could fill in as the ‘bad guys being good’ roles that Capt Cold and Heat Wave filled, Ray ‘The Atom’ already has enough brain for the team to where the professor half of Firestorm wouldn’t be missed, and Constantine or Martian Manhunter could be the new leader of the team in place of Ripp.

It’s very tempting to pick characters like Vibe or Wild Dog, but I think they have a more important role in their teams/ shows.

Who would you choose? Why?

I’d like to see some rotation. For example Let Vixen sit out for just one season and throw in Killer Frost, Rip Hunter, or Jonah Hex. Mick Rory already has a crush on Killer Frost, it’d be fun to see Mick fall for someone. The team has trust issues with Rip, so that’s also fun to watch. I love all the Jonah Hex episodes. I miss Jax - he brought a youthfulness to the show and they need a mechanic. I’m happy to see Constantine in ANY way, but he really needs his own show.

I liked Jax a lot too. Killer Frost would be interesting in LoT

I want Ragman to come back.