Your first exposure to DC

Comics, movies, shows, games, toys or whatever. What is your first experience with anything DC Comics related?

I was 4 or 5yo when my parents took me to a movie theatre to see Batman’89. First time my parents shared a large bucket of popcorn with me instead of giving me a kids meal. Batman was the first superhero I had seen and the movie hooked me so bad on him.

Soon after the seeing the movie, my parents got me a bunch of Batman merchandise and on tv I got to see Super Friends cartoon reruns

Right after watching Batman Returns, I begged my parents to take me to a comic book store and I got my first couple Batman comics!

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Superfriends and Superman The Movie in 1978. Yes I’m old.

3 years old. Couldn’t sleep, wandered into my living room. My parents were watching movies and Batman '89 was on. I plopped myself in front of the TV and watched the climax with the Joker.

Sweet memories

Super Friends.

Preacher! My girlfriend when I was 16 introduced me.

It was either Batman animated series on Fox, or it was The Superfriends cartoon that they showed repeats of on Cartoon Network. Or it was The Lois & Clark tv show that came on ABC. I can’t recall, but I do know it was one of them lol

Batman Forever would be my first live Action film experience tho.

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In 1975, a local TV station started to show reruns of "The Adventures of Superman " just as I started third grade. A week or two later, got my first copy of a Superman comic book and thus it all began. To this day, I hear George Reeves and Noel Neill’s voices when reading a Superman comic.

That’s awesome

Old reruns of the “Adam West” show made me aware, then I seen “The Batman” with “Michael Keaton.”

My first exposure to DC was Super Friends and Tim Burton’s Batman movies

If we are talking cartoons it would be the old Superman serials from the 40s my parents had on VHS. Movies it would be Tim Burton 1989 Batman film. For comics it would be infinite crises on infinite earths where Conner Kent died saving the multi verse and is my number one favorite DC character.

The Adventures of Superman back in the 60’s. Great Caesar’s Ghost those were good times!

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When I was very little my older brother would read me his Silver Age Bat-Mite and Bizarro comics.
When I was 2 na na na na na na na na - Batman! 66 was the coolest thing on TV! I have a vivid memory of the episode where Robin was eaten by a giant clam terrifying me…

Such wonderful exposure

Mine would have been Superfriends. A few years later my dad got some comic books as a gag gift, a Batman Mr. Freeze story written all in poem and Superman Imaginary Tale. These became mine which lead to my first comic book store visit. Somehow I knew Justice League equaled Superfriends so I sought out that comic…which happened to be the first Justice League Detroit issue (note counting the Annual). It had Vibe on the cover and that was all she wrote! (Lol…I feel like I just told my Secret Origin story).

Batman TAS or Lois & Clark. I don’t remember which came first.

Probably my older brother’s Superboy comics. That’s the first I remember of DC, anyway. I think I might have actually learned to read from those comics.

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Superfriends and batman when i was a kid.

Bringing this topic back in case some of you hadn’t seen it and are interested in sharing. I enjoy learning how my fellow fans became fans