Your Favorite Era? Pre-Crisis? Post-Crisis? Post-Zero Hour? New 52? Rebirth?

Which time period of DC Comics did you enjoy the most?

  • Pre-Crisis (Before 1986)

  • Post-Crisis (1986 to 1994 or so)

  • Post-Zero Hour (1994-2011)

  • New 52 (2011-2016)

  • Rebirth (2016- current)


I’ve been into comics as long as I can remember with Batman being my favorite books since around 1985. I never really new about the eras. I just read anything I could. As I grew older I had less time to keep up with what was going on as far as continuity but would read any random story arcs I had time for. When the New 52 began my son and I jumped in to it full force. It was a great way to share something with him that we both loved. Now we grab all of the New 52 collection volumes of different series that we can (we both love having the actual books) and have a great time sharing them. I guess that makes the new 52 my favorite but I love to dig through my old 80s collection with him from time to time.


Rebirth the stories with Batman are so good right now


I would really like to pretend that most of the New 52 never happened. I’ve been reading and collecting comics from the early 80s and was fairly satisfied with DC’s direction up until the New 52, when I abandoned collecting for the most part. I just couldn’t give up Dick Grayson and what ever stories he was being featured in. Slowly, I started getting some of the New 52 books when they were on digital sales for $5 but outside of the Batman books I thought most of them were hot garbage. I couldn’t give it up though 'cause I was all in again with the Rebirth launch.


I’m a child of the sixties so the Silver Age was my favorite era (for all comics, not just DC). Great writers: Denny O’Neill, Frank Robbins, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Jim Shooter, Cary Bates, Gardner Fox, John Broome, Robert Kanigher and Bob Haney and of course great artists: Neal Adams, Curt Swan, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Murphy Anderson, Carmine Infantino, Ross Andru, Nick Cardy, Jim Aparo and Irv Novick. DC would do well to make sure they represent all these great creators here on DCUniverse


There was something very clever and engrossing when they had those weekly Comics the 52 series, one a week, a mystery, 2006 -2007, so that was a lot of fun. Then the following year they did a newspaper format of the comics weekly all summer, which I still have. It was a great time to be reading DC.


Of the choices, its the post Zero Year era…Morisson JLA, most of the great Johns stuff. The Infinite Crisis era in particular was some of the best stuff in my opinion.


Favorite era is Post Crisis but i do love some stories from the New 52 like the court and night of owls, eternal, and endgame


Great stuff in all eras, but pre-Crisis for me.


I’m a post-crisis kid. I mean i was born in 1971 and I have collected many pre-crisis issues (Flash JLA and Green lantern in particular) but when I jumped on we were already two years on after the COIE and I missed nothing. (i wasn’t around for a lot but I never felt lost for what I hadn’t seen.)

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52 guy here!! Loved a alot of titles in the 52 era!!


Not sure I fit into any of those time frames. I read the most right before and during Infinite Crisis. Love that time period, but now I read from all of them happily. I don’t tend to notice era outside of earlier comics seemed to have less continuity and more comedic aspects. I enjoy all for their own individual merits. It is why I love DC because the time doesn’t matter to me, I just love their characters.


I much prefer post-Crisis, pre-Flashpoint.

I can’t think of anything innovative or necessary that came from the New52 reboot, especially where my favorite Batgirl (Cass) is concerned. Can’t believe how terribly they reinvented her, and that they seemed to have kept that trash after Rebirth.

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Ironically I want say post-crisis though I’ve probably read the least from that era. I’ve got a soft spot for late 90s early 2000s DC, so realistically it is probably that tough.


It’s interesting how we always hear about Marvel flourishing in the silver age, but in terms of artists it was more or less just Ditko and Kirby. Yes I’m aware Romita Sr, Gene Colan, and Don Heck were big names too but Kirby and Ditko seem to be the focus when talking about the era. Meanwhile you’ve got DC who’s git a plethora of legendary artists AND writers. In the writer department Marvel pretty much had Stan Lee and his brother, Larry. I’ve read a lot of silver age Marvel and I don’t recall seeing many other names than those. And Stan wasn’t so much a plot writer as a dialogue writer really.

So back to that 2011 insane launch the 52 Publications, here are the ones I wish were still being published:

Justice League International with august General in iron

Green Lantern new Guardians with Bleez

Red Lanterns with red lantern Supergirl



Infinity man and the forever people

Omac (Kevin Kho)


Team 7 (Deathstroke, Grifter, Black Canary)

Dial H by China Mieville

Post Crisis then precrisis. I liked 52 a lot. But more for new titles like Justice League Dark, Red Lanterns, Demon Knights.


Brenden M Sousa , while there was Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart, Don McGregor as writers for the Marvel 60s and 70s and Barry Windsor Smith, P Craig Russell come to mind for art, the artist thing didn’t really go crazy for Marvel until all those guys that later created Image of such as Jim Lee showed up in the late 80s. I sure agree that the late sixties early seventies art explosion to DC with Neal Adams for example was way past anything going on a Marvel at that moment.

Post-Zero Hour New Earth is my favorite. Rebirth is probably my second favorite. Shit is fire. Then Post-Crisis.

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Post-Crisis through Post-Zero Hour (So all the way up to Flashpoint) was the best era in my opinion.

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