Your favorite elseworld comics on here?

Title speaks for itself

I haven’t really followed a lot of the elseworlds DC stuff . I do feel like the way the both Marvel and DC keep relaunching their lines every three years that everything’s in elseworlds around here.

Kingdom Come


The Doom That Came to Gotham

Speeding Bullet and Elseworld’s Finest are great. Speeding bullet is where Kal-El lands in Gotham and is adopted by the Waynes and he is Bruce Wayne/Kal-El. Its dope. Then Elseworld’s Finest is where Superman becomes the heir to Ra’s instead of Batman. Also, super interesting

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JSA: The Golden Age is a super dark Kingdom Come style story about what happens to the JSA after they helped stop the Nazis in WWII.
Superman: Red Son is easily one if the greatest Superman stories of all time.
Justice League The Nail about what if the Kent’s werent able to rescue baby Kal from the crashed rocket because a nail blew the tire on their truck. It’s about the importance of Superman in the DCU.

I have two;
Kingdom Come and Red Son

Green Lantern Willworld

The Dark Knight Returns and Gotham by Gaslight

I agree with Don-El.

The Detective Comics Annual where Batman was a pirate…Leatherwing!

All star superman