Your favorite comic book costume?(think comfort)

I am asking in term of an everyday comfortable superhero costume. Mine is spoiler, not top my favorites comic character but I love her costume, it just feels like it’s easy to move around and very loose. It just looks super comfortable, and I mean who doesn’t love a good hoodie that’s also a cape😏.
Maybe I’m just ranting here, so just let me know…:v:

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Spoiler is a good choice…Jokers outfit would be comfortable slacks coat but the colors would stand out in a crowd…and lastly Dr. Manhattan would be easy to wear around the house but could or should never “wear” out of the house :wink:


Is go with bane (Nolan movie and\or Injustice version), not the original spandex. It’s basically light tactical gear, which I’ve always found comfortable)

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If you’re going with comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Superboy costume. Conner Kent’s got the right idea.

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Doctor Manhattan. Just let it swing, baby.


Superboy’s black t-shirt and jeans. I’ve worn that exact outfit many times and mmmdoggy, it’s comfy!


Jay Garrick. All the advantages of Superboy, plus a nice hat.

Though for style, I personally would probably wear something more like the Question or Rorschach. The coat-hat-mask look is cool, and I like wearing suits.

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I was going to say the Question or Rorschach or even Constantine. If you’re going to be patrolling the streets at night, you’ll need to stay warm, so a nice jacket is key. Rorschach even wears a scarf!

Nth metal batsuit.

@HCQ That’s not really a costume now is it. :grin:

Arsenals get up seems pretty comfortable