Your Favorite Characters’ Essential Media Appearance

Think about your favorite DC characters. What is your favorite non-comic appearance of that character? The episode or movie or game that gets them just right, or that gives you a new appreciation for them?

To start, some of mine:

The Question — Justice League Unlimited, “Question Authority.”

Jessica Cruz — Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

Lady Shiva — Young Justice: Outsiders, “Home Fires.”

Lois Lane — Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, “Pilot.”

John Constantine — Constantine, “A Feast of Friends.”


Agreed with HCQ on Lois Lane.

Bruce Wayne – Batman Returns

Clark Kent – Superman II

Diana Prince – The New Original Wonder Woman

Dick Grayson – “He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul”


Bruce Wayne/Batman - Batman (1989) / Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) (Tie)
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman (2017)
Clark Kent/Superman - Superman The Movie (1978)
Selina Kyle/Catwoman - Batman Returns (1992)
The Joker - The Dark Knight (2008)
Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad (2016) / Batman The Animated Series “Mad Love” (Tie)
Barry Allen/The Flash - The Flash (current CW show)


Shazam–“Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam,” Batman: The Brave and the Bold “The Power of Shazam,” Justice League Unlimited “Clash,” and Young Justice “Alpha Male.”

The Legion–“Legion of Superheroes” TV show. Yes, there are quite a few differences from the source material, but the cartoon captures the SPIRIT of the Legion perfectly.

Titans–“Teen Titans” cartoon (2003). See above.

Dr. Fate–Superman: TAS “The Hand of Fate.”

Darkseid–Superman: TAS. Literally every episode he makes an appearance.

Kyle Rayner–Superman: TAS “In Brightest Day.”

Booster Gold–Justice League Unlimited “The Greatest Story Never Told,” Batman: The Brave and the Bold “Menace of the Madniks,” and Justice League Action “Time Out.”

Nightwing–Any appearance in “The New Batman Adventures.”


Batma : BTAS
Superman: Batman/superman apocalypse
flash: justice league/ unlimited
Green arrow: first flight

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Green Arrow: Justice League Unlimited!!!
Lois Lane: Supergirl (Elizabeth Tulloch)

Barry Allen - CW
Batman - Arkham games
Cyborg - Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol - Doom Patrol
Young heroes (generally) - Young Justice
Static - Static Shock cartoon

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Oh wait, two of those weren’t exactly my “essentials” but oh well.

A few randos:

Superman: Christopher Reeve
Batman: Christian Bale
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Lex Luthor: Michael Rosenbaum
Joker: Heath Ledger
Alfred: Michael Caine (Michael Gough is so, so close though)
General Zod: Michael Shannon
Robin: Chris O’Donnell
Plastic Man: Dana Snyder
Swamp Thing: Dick Durock
Sinestro: tie between Mark Strong and Ron Perlman
Lois Lane: Margot Kidder

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Oh, heavens. I could do this all night. Going to have to pace myself by breaking it up into families.

Superman/Clark Kent: Superman: The Movie
Lois Lane: Lois & Clark
Jimmy Olsen: Superman: The Animated Series
Perry White: Lois & Clark
Ma & Pa Kent: Lois & Clark
Lana Lang: Superman: TAS
Supergirl: Supergirl (CWTV)
Superboy: Young Justice Season One
Krypto: The Adventures of Superboy (1966) (though Titans may change my mind)

Lex Luthor: Superman: The Animated Series
Brainiac: Superman: The Animated Series
General Zod: Superman II
Toyman: Superman/Doomsday
Mongul: Young Justice
Parasite: All-Star Superman
Mr Mxyzptlk: Superman: TAS

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Batman: Batman The Animated Series
Dick Grayson: Young Justice
Jason Todd: Under The Red Hood
Tim Drake: Young Justice
Damian: He’s annoying everywhere
Batwoman: CW’s Elseworlds crossover
Barbara Gordon: Young Justice
Stephanie Brown: Young Justice
The Huntress: Justice League Unlimited
Alfred: B: TAS
Leslie Thompkins: Gotham
Harvey Bullock: B: TAS
Renee Montoya: B: TAS

Joker: B: TAS
Penguin: Batman '66
Riddler: B: TAS
Catwoman: Batman '66
Bane: Young Justice
Poison Ivy: B: TAS
Two-Face: B:TAS
Mr. Freeze: B:TAS
Clayface: B:TAS
… heck, let’s just admit it. Batman: The Animated Series has most of my faves as far as villains are concerned.

same, with Jessica Cruz, JLvF5 … true new appreciation

albeit brief, Batgirl in Batman: Hush – maximum Babs attitude, reminds me of GCG

and out of nowhere, Chrissie Zullo’s black and cyan Wonder Woman figure is so unique yet so Diana, it’s remarkable

Lex luthor in superman doomsday, i love that version of him amd i love him in the timverse as well. Clancy brown is legend.

Supergirl as the Earth-X N@zi leader. CW Earth-X crossover.

That was taking the premise of the Earth-3 Justice Lords and turning the volume knob way past 11.

Static Nails episode from Static Shock cartoon

Ace: Batman beyond
Blackfire: TT (2003-2006)

Batman-any time I like them all.
Atrocious- GLTAS
Deathstroke-JL Judas/teen Titans 03 apprentice and Birthmark (think it was called that can’t remember)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

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Riddler in both the Arkham Saga and Gotham : )