Your DCU Goals and what was Popular Last Week 5/14/19

To start with this week, I plan to read

Justice: No Justice #1
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #44
Flash #46
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22
Detective Comics #980
Immortal Men #2
Wonder Woman #46
Sideways #1-4
The Big Project: New Super-man #1-23 or Green Arrow #13-40 Whichever I feel like maybe you decide for me!?

But enough about me, let’s see what you read this week.

For Starters, it seems like you guys are loving Dark Nights Metal. 4 different issues made the top 12 list.

Dark Days: The Forge
Dark Nights Metal #2
Batman: The Murder Machine
Dark Nights Metal #3

I’m curious to see if Dark Nights continues to be this popular! The Murder Machine was a point of discussion on DC Daily this week which could have had a factor.

Also I get it, You guys love Tom King’s Batman, it got 3 places in the top 12.

Batman: Rebirth #1
Batman #44
Batman #45

Finally Batman himself got one more title.
Batman #608

The start of the Iconic Batman: Hush.

The Rest of the issues are more interesting.

Aquaman #35. The Latest Issue of Aquaman is being read!!! I can’t explain how happy that made me. Aquaman Rebirth is fantastic and I’m happy to know that it’s SO popular.

Batgirl #22. (In a child-like sing song voice) People are reading Batgirl. People are reading Batgirl. People are reading Batgirl! Sorry, I’m excited. We shall see if it stays there though as this issue was very continuity heavy. (I also wouldn’t be shocked if Applejack put it in there herself)

Super Sons Annual #1: Honestly great issue to a great series. Bummer it’s over though.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1: A little Surprising, but a welcome turn. As the easiest entrance pont into comics, that means a lot of people are getting into Rebirth. This comic staying in the top 12 week after week should be a good sign of DCU’s increased subscriber base.

And That’s it for this week. What Comics did you read last week or plan to read next week?


For anyone who is bummed about Super Sons being over.

Tomasi returned to the series in August 2018 with Adventures of the SuperSons for 12 issues and they just released the 10th issue. Its been getting the same stellar reviews that Super Sons got.

And even though its ending soon, I have faith that DC recognizes the popularity of the title and it will not be the last we see of Damian and Jon together.


Some of what I read last week on DCU:

-more of the Superman Blue era of 90’s Superman

-the end of Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday

-Manifest Eternity. A Wildstorm mini from 2006 written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Dustin Nguyen. A decent mini (#5 was my favorite issue) with a “huh?” conclusion. I hadn’t heard of this series when it came out, but finally read it here. I hope it had a proper conclusion in some other mini/title as #6 was a bad note to end the series on.

As for your Big Project: Green Arrow. New Super-Man is fine and good, but Rebirth Green Arrow is a humdinger of fun and entertainment and Percy’s run on it is one of the Top Jewels in the Rebirth crown.

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I know, but I don’t feel like waiting.

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Finished I, Vampire
Returned to JLD
Finished Flintstones (loved it highly recommend)
Started Jetsons
Started Smallville (like the quick hits of digital firsts)
Reading Superman American Alien
Continuing Detective, Action and Sensation from the beginning

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@MajorZuma I sure hope there are more plans for Jon and Damian’s adventures. Super Sons was great and Adventures of the Super Sons has been fun too.

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Bendis has said he has a draft for the Super Sons Reunion.

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This weeks “pulls” (5/14) are…

Justice League: No Justice #1
Wonder Woman #46
Flash #46
Hal Jordan and the GLC #42-44
Suicide Squad #41

I’m sure my weekly DCU pull list will grow now that we’re getting drops from 1yr ago.

@OverSizedGreek, Make sure to join the Summer of Events Book Club which is reading those two comics exclusively this week!

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