Your DC TV Universe

With Titans and Doom Patrol set in the same Universe, what other series do you think would fit in well? Pick up to 5 series to join the Titans Universe or even create your own universe without Titans and Doom Patrol if you want to. It can be all live-action or animated or even a mix of both. Mine are all live action except for the Static series.

  1. Red Hood/Outlaws Series
  2. Question and Huntress Series
  3. Static Animated Series
  4. Deathstroke Series
  5. Justice League Dark Series

With the Static series it’ll be animated but it’ll cross over with Titans in live action form and vice versa. And I’ll probably all make them TV-MA because I like the more mature feel plus most of the ones I picked really are meant to be that way.

Anyways I’ll love to hear what you think about mine and if you would watch it and also want to hear yours.


Spinning from Titans id like to see

Doom Patrol
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Deathstroke series

So far.

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Deathstroke and Red Hood.



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I don’t quite want them to do deathstroke series. Just do a arc with him on Titans.

  1. Redhood and the Outlaws. Season 1 will focus on two characters. Redhood and Arsenal. Flashbacks and the growing bond between the two Season 2 will se other characters enter the show.

  2. Question And Huntress Show. I don’t know much about Question. But every one says he’s awesome so I will go with that


Deathstroke :crossed_swords: Batman

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  1. Plastic man & elongted man detective show with Question as the Boss (animated)
  2. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn & Catwoman Drs Quinn &Ivy Scout out places to rob with Selina.(live action)
  3. B’wana Beast & Animal Man animated jungle show fighting poachers & rainforest destruction.
  4. Gentlemen Ghost & Deadman team up & think they’ve finally passed over but fall into another dimension as punishment for trying to escape & try to return.
  5. A fire & Ice live action origin show.
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Bat Family
Red Hood
Blue Beetle
Justice League Dark