Your DC Character Soundtrack

For when my gurrrl’s blazing through Gotham/Burnside at top speed on her super awesome cycle. :smiley: :00_batgirl: :0_batgirl:


Love this idea!
For Jason Todd from being Robin to Red Hood, how about from Daredevil soundtrack, ‘Bring Me back to life.’
For Superman ‘Superman (It’s not easy)’


Streets definitely gives me a DCEU Enchantress Vibe


batman black and yellow wiz khalifa


Mad Hatter (mel martinez), Circus (Drew Gasparini) ~ Harley Quinn
Bad Boy (danny gonzoles) ~ Damian Wayne
Brutal (olivia rodrigo) ~ Jason Todd


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Hitman (Tommy Monaghan): Grateful Dead - Friend of The Devil - YouTube

Kev (Kevin Hawkins): Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Official HD Video) on Vimeo

Sleeper (Holden Carver): I Don't Know My Name - Grace VanderWaal {Lyrics} - YouTube

Collapser (Liam James): Let It Out - YouTube

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aw thanks. will do!


Martian Manhunter songs with some reasoning behind it.

Love Vigilantes cover by Iron and Wine. (A song I like to imagine as Martian Manhunter dreaming returning to a mars where his family was still alive.)

Patient zero by Animee Mann. ( something of an effort to see it but hopefully you’ll get my train of thought. Martian Manhunter is a hero that exists in a world full of amazing people like him, yet he usually fails to be seen as anything but alien, respected but never really liked by people of earth or even other heroes as someone like Superman has. I don’t think it’s all bad though, he in this weird way is happy to be behind the background, avoiding the spotlight because he ain’t a role model the world wants, yet still glad he made a difference in that world.

A little bit of everything by Dawes- I really like the idea of Martian Manhunter as a guardian angel to the world, especially since watching Justice League synder cut and discover he was the general and he was secretly guiding Lois Lane to help the Justice League. His telepathy allows him to read every thought and his empathy allows him to understand their emotions. He sees every person the same; people who only want to be happy. It’s a good melancholic song for a underline loner like Martian Manhunter who sees the truth of everything but chooses to not intervene like a hero, but just listen and sympathize like a human.

A man of thousands faces by Regina Spektor ( like the previous reasoning I mentioned, Martian Manhunter abilities allow him to read people unlike anyone else on the planet and understand people better than they do themselves. However while Martian Manhunter has purely altruistic reasoning behind it, sometimes it’s just selfish. That in of itself is not a problem but the way to see it is Martian Manhunter chooses to live like people and if that includes dressing up as made up people, to do human things and familiarize yourself with people by pretending to be someone your not can be considered selfish if it’s self-motivated. It’s taking advantage of people trust by lying about his motivations. He is curious at best, spying at his worst.

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Mine includes the themesong from the documentaries about me in the '60s.

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There are songs I think are perfect for certain characters but I didn’t post the videos cause they aren’t exactly PG-rated. Case in point being:

Harley Quinn: Beautiful Trauma - Pink (perfect but you’d have to bleep half the song)
Jessica Cruz: All I Know So Far - Pink (Just a couple of f-bombs)
Lobo: Area Codes - Ludacris (self-explanatory)

there are more but these are the ones I can pull off the top of my head at the moment…


Sixpack (Sidney Speck): Dark, Sad, Lonely, Knight - Holy Musical B@tman -Starkid - YouTube

Dogwelder (Unknown name): Grace VanderWaal - I Don't Know My Name (Lyric) - YouTube

Bueno Excellente (Unknown name): Take off Your Clothes - YouTube

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The Lyrics Give me a joker Vibe





Black Adam-

Wasteland by 10 years And Schism by Tool


I think bruce listens to face off unironically
Your favorite Superhero. - Drawception

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just the rock’s verse tho

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