Your cosplay wish

I have never “cosplayed” in my life, other than wearing an Adult Superman Halloween outfit when my son went trick or treating

But if I had the time and $$$ to invest I would make (meaning ask my wife) a Phantom Stranger outfit

For those of you like me who don’t cosplay…if you could…which DC character would you go to Comicon dressed as?


I’ve never done it either but I’d pick Dr. Fate. I’d like to have the helmet as a masquerade party type feature. Plus his costume is just cool.


Same here. I have always thought cosplay looked cool and fun. I just never have the time or money, also its not really much of a thing were I live. But if i could… I would forking love to have a legit Rocketeer costume oh man would that be cool with the helmet and rocket. plus whenever I watch cosplay videos on youtube I never see him being done. great movie need a sequel.


I would definitely go as Orion with my Astro glider!


Superboy in his black tee and jeans. Easy to get around in, you can go to places before and after the con in it and it just looks cool too.


Apache Chief easy. Simple costume and I’m already native. I could pull it off.

Now a serious to do money spending cosplay…hmmmm…I’d do Manbat. Difficulty level is up there. Costume aesthetics are top tier if some right. Plus people wouldn’t expect it.

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Apache chief used to be the biggest bonus ever, when I watched Super Friends as a kid & he showed up it made me so happy.


Oops altorrez83 man I butchered your tag my bad


I always wanted to make the Stargirl staff and belt combo when I has a kid. But if I had a bunch of cash now, I would want to make a really dope S.T.R.I.P.E. costume.


Adam West Batman :sunglasses:


A S.T.R.I.P.E. Mecha-Suit would be so dope. Also, anyone in a Starfire costume would grab my attention instantly.


Deathstroke! I’ve gone as Batman, Bane and Superboy

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Aqualad with a BP killmonger twist to it.

Don’t ruin it with such twists. One or the other but don’t merge elements

Which Batman TX?


Batman - Batman’89

Bane - Original look and B&R

Superboy - Young Justice

I always wanted to be 90’s Superboy though

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I’m currently working on an old west version of clock king from batman

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