Your Comic Collection Bucket List

Do any of you have a bucket list when it comes to your comic collection? Is there an issue you’re dying to own or a series you’re itching to finish?

My personal bucket list is to own every single issue that Tim Drake and Selina Kyle have been in. Yup, big damn dreams, right? Digital comics don’t count for this goal. However, graphic novel collections do. It’s just gotta be on paper.


The last issue of Bucket vs. The List comics. It is an incredible story about a bucket who battles an evil list.

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I have a few issues from the Steve Englehart run of Detective Comics. I suppose one day I would like to have them all. I have the Strange Apparitions trade paperback that collects it, but I’d love to have all the actual issues.

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I was trying to get every issue of Supergirl & Swamp Thing comics, but since this DCU became a thing, I decided I would just read them on here, but if i had to buy them, it wasn’t going to be digital, and I would buy the Trades or even the Fair or Poor condition comics of them from comics stores, if I thought they look decent enough.

I am however trying to get every issue of every series, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics every publish. Thanks to the reprints & trades by IDW, and the power of E-bay I have manged to collect the first 3 volumes, and the Archie series so far, don’t know if I will ever be able to finish any more series, but that is my goal.

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Every issue of the Kirby/Lee run on the Fantastic Four.