Your 2020 'Best Of' Choices!

2020 is finally coming to an end! This is the year that felt like a decade for many of us and I have a feeling that many of us found comic books were a great distraction. What books pulled on your heartstrings or left an impact on you in the year that seemingly will never end?

What books rose above the crop this year? I will do 5 categories: Best 2020 DC Comics, Best 2020 Discovery on DCU, Best Re-Read of 2020, Best DC Digital First of 2020, and Biggest Disappointment of 2020.

Best 2020 DC Comics
Strange Adventures
Endless Winter (I know this is a crossover event but it amazing, so far!)
Oracle Code
Black Canary: Ignite
Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

Best 2020 Discovery on DCU
Green Arrow and Black Canary
Jonni Thunder
Super Powers (1984)
House of Mystery (2008)
He-Man (All of the Masters of the Universe books!)
Far Sector

Best Re-Read of 2020
Death of Superman (I am pretty sure someone was cutting onions nearby as Lois was holding Superman’s body after his fight with Doomsday)
World Without a Superman
Return of Superman

Best DC Digital First of 2020
DCeased: Hope At World’s End
Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Harley Quinn: Black, White + Red
Batman: The Adventures Continue
Flash: Fastest Man Alive

Biggest Disappointment of 2020
Birds of Prey 1. (Originally supposed to be a new ongoing series, then announced as a one-shot, release dates continued to change, the story was okay at best when it was finally released)